Thursday 30 October 2014

Diwali hangover .....

Work, work and more work . It never ends . I just took time off from household work for sometime to share few things .

After dropping Anshita to a Bday party last weekend, we both went for a little more shopping. I got these decor pieces .
I loved these colorful glass jars instantly when I saw them .

This golden decorative platter was very attractive .

I took this crackled glass for the new showcase . Pictures in the end .

On Diwali, Anshita made this Rangoli outside the front door .  Isn't it beautiful? It was a 1 hr laborious work for an eleven-year-old . She did a great job :)

This Diwali sweet box, which Raj got from office, did not have company name printed on it . I liked the design so just removed the tag on it and decided to reuse it for my crochet pieces.

I would like to show the corner showcase we made in our new flat . The specialty is that the focus lights are at the bottom instead of top .

Here, Can you see the purple piece? The white one inside is the focus light . The purple piece is wooden laminate for supporting the base of the object .

The terracotta lantern in the picture was painted by me and Anshita sometime back with glue and glitter powder . 

I love this miniature banana tree which Raj got from Hongkong .

And when the lights are switched on, different colors/patterns are spread in each shelf . Isn't it wonderful? :) The camera hasn't captured the exact light effects but almost its near about the same . Most important thing is that I reused whatever items I had at home, except this crackled glass. 

I was able to complete five regular sized cushions before Diwali, not the second big cushion . I took photos in a hurry which aren't the best, so I need to take those again . I started some stitching but gave up as there was lot of work post the festival .

Thanks for seeing !!
Have a nice weekend !
Preeti :)

Thursday 23 October 2014

Happy Diwali !!!! :)

Wish you a happy, safe and prosperous Diwali :))

To know about this festival, see my previous posts here and here.

Have a happy weekend!!
Preeti :)

Saturday 18 October 2014

MMMM SAL, 3rd mini finished :)

Thank you for your kind comments on my big crochet cushion :) Others are on their way to completion .

I have completed my 3rd mini as part of MMMM SAL hosted by 'Pull the other thread'. To know about this SAL and the members who joined, click here .

mini cross stitch

You can see my previous minis @ Mini 1 and Mini2 .

I changed the colors of the Sofa to slightly brighter shades . I love the cute designs by Mary Engelbreit . Isn't the tiny cushion lovely ?

 I will not be able to stitch next week, Diwali festival preparations have been started and Anshita is eagerly waiting to buy lamps and crackers :)

I haven't been getting enough time to reply to your comments on email other than if there is any query and whatever time I have I prefer reading your blogs and commenting there . Hope you wont mind .

I  touched 2014 pins (in the year 2014) last month on my pinterest board !! I know, nothing great about it but it takes quite a long time for me to choose something to pin/repin . If you would like to have a look, check here . I don't expect you to follow me, I just wanted to share my finds with you all. I don't bother about statistics on pinterest, its for fun!!  Repin if you like something on my boards, I can then visit and see yours as well . Don't go over by my 'Likes', they are clicked accidently when my page on iPad refreshes . I like all the pins I have on my boards :)

Enjoy your weekend !!


Thursday 16 October 2014

The 1st Big Cushion ......done :)

I am done with one of my big crochet cushion covers :)

Here are few snaps........

Size : 24" x 24"
Pattern : Swirls motif 71 from the book 'Connect the shapes crochet motifs' by Edie Eckman . The swirls effect somehow diminished as the square grew in size .
Yarn : Lily Sugar n Cream. I have lots of these and chose such big projects to use the yarn.
Hook : 4 mm

I have attached it on a fabric cushion cover that I made few days back . My target is to complete 2 big cushions and 5 regular cushions before the Diwali festival which is on 23rd Oct . That includes the cleaning and making snacks too apart from daily chores . I hope I can do all that :)

My Kitchen and craft room are partially in a mess . I feel tired when I see and think about loads of tasks around but when I am done with it, I feel less tired. However, that 'when' takes a lot of time to show up and convince me :) Sometimes, I like creating in a clean and organized space but most of the time, I just ignore if I want to get some WIP completed . I feel, otherwise,I will lose the time and that it will look the same again after few days . Anyways, I have to get everything done before next Wednesday.

Crochet big cushion cover swirls pattern by Edie Eckman

How do you like crafting ? Do you clean up everything and then start or you just give into your crafty cravings and ignore the surrounding boring tasks ? I don't procrastinate as such but sometimes just wait until the pending things start screaming at me ....right now, this is what is happening  :(

Forgot to tell, we had a long weekend at the beginning of the October month and we got new washing machine, some jewelry  and most important a new TV - Samsung Plasma 64 " series 8500 - burning a large hole in Raj's pocket :) Poor guy, he has to wait for some more time to buy a new car for himself .

I am almost done with another mini cross stitch for the SAL and will be posting soon .

Have a nice day !
Preeti :)


Saturday 11 October 2014

Turtle Trot 2014 SAL and MMMM SAL update


Thanks for your kind concern over my finger hurt . Its fine and back on its job now. I know it was a bit childish to say because crafters go through needle accidents some or the other time .

Let's see what I am up to on my SAL(s) status .

First, MMMM (Mega Mini Month Madness) SAL hosted by Pull the other thread for the month of October . I have completed one more yesterday . To know more about this SAL click here and to know more about my projects click here .

This looks small but it has 17 colors and since I am doing on canvas its taking long for me to stitch .

Turtle Trot is hosted by Claudette from BAP-attack blog . To know about this SAL click here and to know about my 10 projects click here . To see the progress of others, click here .

1. Ladybird fairy by Joan Elliott 



2. Jungle Japes (height chart) by Durene Jones 
 I need a suggestion for this . The Koala's ears and cheeks as per Anchor shades in the chart have turned out dark pink . Maybe, because the Indian shade numbers differ a bit . Do you think I should use lighter shades ? I find it cute with dark shades also . I have not done back stitching .What do you say?


3. Easter Chicks by Belle & Boo
Completed :) More pictures, here .

4. Happy Days by Felicity Hall

I am not liking this because I ended up using too many colors . Moreover, only recently I came to know that the symbol for quarter stitches ---- 1/4th stitch and 3/4 stitch are same and based on the need of the design we have to use either of these . But I have stitched only 1/4 th everywhere and now I need to change to 3/4 th at many places to get smooth edges :((



5. Blue tit by Lesley Teare
No progress.

6. Glamour puss by Margaret Sherry
Completed :) More pictures, here .

7. Humming Bird Quartet by Frankie Buckley
Completed :) More pictures, here .

8. Hydrangea by Barbara Baatz Hillman



9. Floral Border from Variegated floral border by Leisure arts



10. Nature’s charm by Dimensions
No progress . I am thinking of scrapping this project because I am facing lots of color mismatches in this . I only have a chart for this and not the kit .

Thanks for looking !
Happy Weekend !
Preeti :)


Tuesday 7 October 2014

But I can sew .........

What if my finger doesn't allow me to stitch and crochet, I can sew . At the first place, I got hurt with sewing machine and the irony is that I can, in this situation, work with sewing machine only . The hurt is not that bad but at the wrong place ----tip of index finger of my right hand . While sewing, I heard a sound and thought that the needle has broken. To check that, I touched the needle tip carefully with my finger but accidently pressed the foot pedal and the needle poked my finger. It pains when I hold a pen or any needle . So I am sewing these days.

I made this printer cover . A long pending task which I avoided because the box type cover was a bit intimidating for me .

printer cover

This medium weight fabric was in my stash for the past 8 years with which I had planned to make a skirt for Anshita.

What else, I was able to put floss on more bobbins and I filled both the boxes.


Then, I completed sewing the cushion covers on which I am going to attach (hand sew) the crocheted pieces. I made 5 covers sized 16"x 16" and 2 covers measuring 24"x24"

The left ones are the smaller ones. The printed side will be on the back and the crochet piece will be attached on the white front.

I am in the process of arranging my craft room, will share the pics. Right now, the soft boards are being used for miscellaneous household bills. Above few pics are from my craft room.
Have a crafty week ahead!
Preeti :)


Sunday 5 October 2014

My first mini of the SAL :)

Thank you for your sweet comments on my Belle and Boo finish :)

I am done with my first mini of the Mega mini month SAL hosted by 'Pull the other thread' . To see more details about this SAL, click here . To know about what all minis I am going to stitch, click here .

Mary Engelbreit mini cross stitch

I hurt my finger badly while sewing yesterday so I cannot do my crafty stuff for at least one day :(

Have a nice day !


Thursday 2 October 2014

Cute Little Chicks :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Hi !!!!!!!
I have another lovely cross stitched piece to share............

Easter Chicks by Belle & Boo
The design is from the magazine Cross stitcher (March 2013) and it is one of my Turtle Trot SAL projects. To see my SAL projects click here .


Isn't it lovely? I enjoyed a lot while making it.

I am done with 3 of 10 projects from theTurtle Trot SAL. Also, I am almost ready with one of the mini items for the SAL Mega mini month. I will share that in my next post.

I have few crochet pieces done but are awaiting blocking and sewing. Hopefully, I will have something to show this month.

We have a long weekend of 4 days in India. Tomorrow being a national holiday for Mahatma Gandhi's (Father of the nation) Birthday and then on Friday, we have an Indian festival called Dussehra . We have a long list of shopping big items as we get lot of festival discounts during this time .

Have a happy day!

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