Friday 3 August 2018

The gift revealed!

Thank you for your comments and suggestions in my last post.
I guess few of you thought that I was asking about the swirls in the background of flowers which I was anyways going to stitch. It were the single crosses within the flower bunch that I was not sure about and I am still not, even now. I will stitch everything and then will sample one bunch with the crosses and see the difference. There are total three bunches.

I have another finish to share which is again from the twelve new starts this year.

This is my first ever card for my mother :)

I call my mother 'Aai' as in my mother tongue Marathi (a regional language from the state of Maharashtra). I don't remember making any card for my mother when I was a kid or even when I was a grownup. I however did cook for her when I was in college.

The design is by Angela Poole from the magazine Cross Stitch Collection, March 2012. I changed the original word 'Mum' to 'Aai' with my own font design to fit in.

I had mentioned about it as a secret stitching gift in this post. I thought I would send her before my visit in April this year but I could not complete it. While at her home, I couldn't secretly stitch and then, back home, I got busy preparing for family vacation so it got dragged again. I completed the stitching last month and instead of turning into just a card, I framed it. I finished just in time, a night before when Raj was about to fly next day to the same city to attend a family event. She was very happy and surprised to receive it:)

It is better I do not speak about vacation photos. I just hope I won't give up posting those after dragging so long.

I am also working on a crochet table runner which is almost done and could make an appearance in my next post.

Have a nice weekend !

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