Thursday 20 September 2018

I know you are missing my posts :D

Hello all, Thanks for your comments on my previous post :)

It has been more than a month I did not post. Life was/is busy, but I wasn't away from my crafting and could also manage to read your blogs, albeit not regular.

Here is my colorful crochet table runner that I made last month. I posted it on my Ravelry account. I am a member of a group that was having a two month event to make something colorful for the home. A table runner was due and I was inspired to not only join but also complete in time:)

Frida's crochet flower hexagon table runner

The free pattern is from Frida's flowers. I chose three types of hexagons and joined them. I used Anchor knitting cotton and 2.75mm hook. For border, I made rounds of single crochets in three shades.

Block 3

Block 6

Block 7

Hope you liked my table runner. I also started some sewing project last month and another crochet table cloth which are progressing at a snail's pace. It has been a month I haven't cross-stitched. I did some needlepoint stitching using a kit that required working with yarn. I missed the delicateness of threads so I kept it aside for some time(read few months)

I have another good news, we bought a new house and this time it is not a flat/apartment but an independent house in a gated community. We are having some tile work, lift work(we have a lift in the house:) It is G+2 floors. I am into designing and researching again for interiors. I thought of taking a break from blogging but then I don't think I can be away for a long time, and reading blogs doesn't take that long as to plan and write blog-posts. So mostly, I will be here to enjoy with you:)

Have a great day!

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