Tuesday 20 February 2018

A cute finish :)

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes !:)

I am ready with my first finish from the set of twelve new starts I began this month. I had mentioned an invisible card earlier meant for a gift, here it is the cute one completed well in time for my wedding anniversary on 17th Feb. Raj was happy to receive it :)

The design is from the magazine Cross stitch collection, Feb 2014 and designed by Angela Poole. The original design has white elephant but since I was using white Aida fabric, I changed it to a pink shade. Later, I read somewhere that pink elephant relates to a drunk person. I hope you won't judge by the colour and appreciate the cuteness factor

I had thought of various ways to complete it but due to lack of time, I framed it. These frames are no longer in fashion but we do have a few of them received as birthday gifts from Anshita's previous birthday parties. They can't be gifted to anyone either. This was the only frame that was the nearest match size-wise.

It is not easy to fix into such frames. The finished piece needs to be pasted carefully on a regular thin copier paper and then just slide it like a photo. But as I did that, some threads at the edges started to fray. I then stuck a fine layer of clear plastic tape and then it slid in the slot without any issues. A card would have been easier.

I am almost nearing another finish but have some other priority tasks to be done.

Happy crafting!
Preeti :)

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Happy Birthday to me !!:)

Thanks for your comments and encouragement on my last post ! Today is my Birthday and I am going to share my remaining new cross stitch starts. But before that, here is a cute card which my sweet daughter, Anshita, made for me :)

Isn't it cute? That's me holding the title for the world's best mother. I hope I did a great job atleast in raising a daughter who makes lovely cards for me :) She has cleverly added all the tasks I juggle with - pan to cook, broom to clean, ironing her school uniform, laptop for my digital tasks, and a crochet needle too. The milk bottle is a cute symbol(instead of cup) that I am still after my daughter to drink a cup of milk since she hasn't yet started tea or coffee.

And these are my remaining seven new projects. I will share the original design picture only for the medium size projects. 

6. Little Gardener by Belle & Boo from the magazine Cross Stitcher, March 2014 issue

This is how it will look when done.

7. Another card, can't share the details until finished as it is to be sent to someone, only a tiny flower part done so far.

8. Gorjuss designed by Bothy threads from the magazine The WOCS September 2013 issue

This is how it will look when done.

9. Elf's Garden summer fairy by SODA stitch.

 This is how it will look when done.

10. Thank you card designed by Angela Poole from the magazine Cross stitch collection Jan 2013 issue 

11. Smiles all round designed by Margaret Sherry from the magazine The WOCS issue 240

 This is how it will look when done.

12.  Stylised allium flowers designed by Lesley Teare from the magazine Cross stitch collection May 2011

This is how it will look when done.

Hope you liked these, didn't get much time to get good pictures but there isn't much to show either.

I could not prepare to draw/trace for free hand embroidery design that I planned earlier which got replaced with cross stitch projects again. I started a new one on each day and the ones with minimal stitching were mostly done on weekends.  But I enjoyed the adventure and now I have some small and medium WIPs all through the year to choose from:)

Have a nice creative time!:)

Monday 5 February 2018

A cute bookmark and an update on new starts :)

This cute bookmark, 'darling dogs in a row' was a free gift with Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, June 2016. I stitched it two months ago for Anshita but couldn't find time to stick it on the card.

I started my new cross stitch starts although I couldn't get much time stitching on each one.

Also, my hands are very dry these days so stitching speed is reduced. Not only that but a bad boy(read husband) at home sat on my specs and broke it. He then sheepishly joined it with glue and tape and now I am using tattered specs for stitching. I have to get a new one. Usually, I don't go out every day but ever since I started this batch of new starts, I am required to go out for some tasks every day. So atleast two hours of free time, meant for my hobbies, is gone :( Not all, but few odds are against me yet I am determined to complete my adventure:)

1. 'I do only Luxury' from the book, Attitudes A to Z by Kyla May.

2. A parrot design from the magazine Cross Stitcher, July 2014.

3. Animal Calendar (Jan month) - from the magazine Cross stitch Collection, Jan 2014

4. Invisible Card - It is meant to gift someone so I cannot show it here

As I said some are small pieces so I won't show how the finished pieces will look. I hope to finish them soon. I will share that information for medium size projects like the below one.

5. Snakes and ladders by Durene Jones from the magazine, Cross Stitcher, Feb 2017

This is how it will look when done.

Thanks for seeing!
Hope you are having a fun crafting time.


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