Friday 17 March 2017

Status update....

Thanks for your comments on my last post ! I have nothing new to share but that doesn't mean life was boring at my end .

On the International women's day, while the Air India created history by flying an all-women crew (including the ground support staff) flight across the globe from New Delhi to San Francisco and back , I got a big cut on my right thumb and enjoyed a humble day off from the house hold chores :D

My needlework came to a standstill but I continued most house work imagining myself as a leftie . Also, my eyes were paining a lot so I couldn't enjoy reading , surfing or watching TV either :(

Anyways the good injured time is over and I have been certified healthy by my own conscience and therefore I got to work on so many pending tasks which nobody at home felt were necessary.

Here are my WIPs, so less compared to those of my blogger friends . I want to work on these projects and maybe start a few small ones too . Which one is your favorite?

A floral border from the book "Embroideries and patterns from 19th Century Vienna"

This is how it will look when done . It requires some DMC to Anchor conversion work as the book refers to only DMC codes .

Kitty litter by Dimensions

Height chart by Durene Jones

Cross stitch blooms by Barbara Baatz Hillman, Leisure arts.

We went to a new restaurant recently where I ate a 'paan icecream' . A paan is usually a betel leaf filled with different things. I don't usually eat but this one was a sweet one filled with just 'Gulkand'. 'Gulkand' is a kind of marmalade made out of rose petals, it is considered good for health in hot weather . It came with all fanfare of dry ice which was fun to look at as well :) I also liked the metal and stone decor at the entrance door .

I sowed some summer flower seeds this Monday and most of those have germinated . I hope they will survive . For the first time , I have done some proper seed saving . These will be sown in the month of Sept. I have seen so many nice free printables for seed sachets but I am still a novice in seed extraction so I will wait before wasting printer ink .

We could not play Holi (festival of colors in India) as Anshita is having her final exams . I am looking forward to more stitching time :) I have been doing some stash shopping for past few months but couldn't get to take any pics , hope to share soon .

Thank you for reaching until here :)
Have a great weekend!

Monday 6 March 2017

Few little things and some stash !!:)

Thank you all for your wishes :) I so much wanted to personally reply to each one of you but it just didn't happen . I finished a cross stitch project but it is meant for an exchange so I cannot show it here .

Anshita made this wonderful card for me and also designed a cup and got it printed online :)

Isn't it cute ? She hasn't ever paid attention to how many spools are used in a sewing machine because she follows hobbies other than mine . She used perler beads to create the sewing machine and wrapped endless amount of crochet thread on the spools and near the needles :))

Raj cooked my favorite food in the evening , gave me some jewellery , a 12-slot earring box and loads of chocolates which I ate up :D I didn't take any pictures of those , even the above one I asked Anshita to take it for me as I was lazy to do my own job . He also ordered a cross stitch chart I asked for and some more are still pending to be ordered as I haven't shortlisted . Probably , they will merge with my own stash shopping :) We also played few games and enjoyed a great family time !

I went to a newly opened linen clothing store nearby and enjoyed seeing the colorful stacks . These aren't as such meant for cross stitching but for experimental basis I just bought two flax linens .

large spools of colorful threads at the billing counter

stacks of pure linen fabric

I am getting a consistent harvest from my single chilly plant .

I got some more plants from the nursery, will try to share next time .

Keep crafting !
Preeti :)

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