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Welcome to my blog 'Creat-E-witty Unleashed'!

This blog takes you through my inundated journey of creative indulgences in various crafts. I was a full-time IT professional who missed out long on pleasurable crafty activities. I am now looking forward to catch up on my voracious appetite of creative pursuits.

A keen crocheter and believer in needlecraft, I vouch for that all pictures in posts are crafted with my hands and yarns. Any resemblance to other is merely coincidental:)

My ten-year-old daughter loves doing Origami. I have added her beautiful and cute creations under the category 'Origami'.

Please have a wonderful tour of my blog!

Preeti :)


  1. Nice Work Preeti!

  2. Wow preeti Tai!great!Absolutely awesome work.Keep it up.

  3. Thumps up.Great work by Mummy and daughter team.

  4. Excellent work! I am soooo impressed Preeti. :-) I read through your blog. I am also an IT professional from Hyderabad and have been working crazy hours. Can't say day from night. I quit my job and I now really wanna crochet. I have searched across Hyderabad for a good yarn shop, but no luck. Can you please let me know where you get your yarn? Or any good yarn shop I can go to in Hyderabad. Thanks so much!

  5. Thank You for visiting my blog ♥ Excellent work I am love crochet ♥

  6. Great blog, I will be a frequent visitor here :)

  7. What a nice blog you have. I have just come across your blog.. it is beautiful.. You are a multitalented personality...I'm going to visit your blog often.. :)

  8. wonderful blog :)


Thank you for visiting my blog. I love to hear your feedback about my work!

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