Monday 24 August 2015

Crochet and a giveaway gift !!! :))

Thanks for your support and kind words on my ramblings in the last post !! The internet is working fine and life is back on track but still busy as we all do have same , daily.

I have few more crochet items to show .....

Crochet basket

I made this basket from a T-shirt yarn I bought from Pony Craft Stores, India. I did not follow any pattern . I just created a circle base and then went on with rounds of SCs and DCs until I was done with the yarn ball .

I used 8 mm crochet hook . For the lace/edging , I used Laura knitting cotton and 4 mm hook and added some beads .

I received  this Dimensions Dolphin kit from my lovely and generous friend, Rosey from Ishkabibble :) Thank you Rosey!! I love reading Rosey's posts , they are fun !! She likes to crochet , cross stitch and also tatting . Gardening is her gym and she has got world's biggest snow ice-cream factory :) She also sent me a card with picturesque Hawaii island where she found her most-wanted Souvenier , her husband :) I am looking forward to stitching on this chart soon but as you know moods and weather in a stitcher's life keep on changing very fast but I will try my best since this is a kit and I just need to start stitching .

I made these potholders from left-overs of Lily Sugar n Cream yarn.

Crochet potholder1
Pretty Primrose

Crochet potholder1
3D Pastel Diamonds

Both the patterns are from the book , '100 colorful granny squares to crochet,' by Leonie Morgan .

We had a busy weekend as Anshita had participated in an inter-school handball tournament in the city which was held from 21st to 23rd. Her school won the third place :)) There were four places and eight trophies , four each for girls and boys teams . The sports stadium was quite far from our place.

I have even more busy times next two weeks as Raj's eldest sister is visiting with her extended family in the 1st week of September . So lot of cleaning, shopping for grocery is on the task-list . Moreover, Raj will be travelling to US in 2nd week of September so I am not going to be in the right mood .

Hope you liked my pieces :)
Have a great day!

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Days of grumblings and ramblings......

Thanks for your comments on my first needle book :) I will definitely share the steps to make those by...umm...maybe 2020 :)

As the title suggests, I have a lot to share and I hope by the end of this post, I will feel much better. Don't worry, in between I will flash some crafty things to keep you entertained.

Last week I was making a long vacation plan for October and I was hooked on to internet so much that I was just a few steps away from becoming a travel agent. So, no crafting :( I also played 'frustration unlimited' in between to make things worse.

So much did I use the internet that it caused a breakdown of wi-fi router by Friday evening and I was cut off from the blog land.

I made these stars in February this year which were waiting for a dazzling photo shoot but I ended up taking simple pics when the internet was not working.

I saw the pattern on internet and it is made with a silky pearl thread that we get in cones and 1.5 mm hook size.

There was an urgent need of wooden work in the bedroom balcony which started on Saturday and since the guys were cutting the plys in the corridor we were supposed to keep the front doors open. Above all, the society's corridor painting work was going on for which the workers were scraping the walls. Wood and paint dust made the house look like it was hit by a dust storm even though it was raining outside. Those guys were moving in and out frequently, so we could not watch TV and since the entire house was exposed to dust, I did not do any stitching as well .

Sunday went into cleaning. The internet guys could not resolve the issue so they took away the router and fixed a temporary one.  Since those guys were coming on Monday again and knowing that I will crack a whip and make the technicians run for their life, Raj decided to work from home and take things under his control. Good that he understands me in all these years. Also the wood work and painting continued on Monday as well. So more dust storms.

No TV, no internet, no stitching, dust and so much work everywhere  made me irritated  and for few days I was inspired by this.

But the good part was that Anshita had a day off on Monday due to a local festival and I spent most of my time playing board games with her.

While searching for a yarn, I took out one of my old projects which I had given up long back owing to the wrong gauge. Raj liked it very much and then I just finished whatever size it was in. I had plans to make it bigger.

I don't remember the hook size I used but I wanted to use the eyelash yarn. It was supposed to be made into a rug for Anshita's room.

On gardening front, the overall picture is gloomy. There are many plants waiting for transplanting.  I am celebrating those tiny flowers on Impatiens as if I am growing Orchids :)

However, I harvested fresh spinach from my garden.

I hope to recover and revitalize this week and will show you few more small crochet things I made and some stitchy progress too :))

Thanks for being there for me !!

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