Wednesday 30 January 2013

Just something on Wednesday !!

Well, the second post per my schedule is going live too! I hope I will stick to it at least for a week ;) I will share something that might bring a smile on your faces :)

Today, I want to share an image from Craft-O-Maniac which brought a smile on my face . Isn't it lovely? This inspires me to have more kids , but it’s too late now :)

There are two reasons I got on this schedule . First , I got inspired after seeing a systematically structured blog of Kara from Petals to Picots . Second inspiration is from Debi of Dly's hooks and yarns who adds simple pleasures of life in her ' Two on Tuesday' posts .  Also, Lilli from Handmade by Lili have started sharing her happy moments .  And yes , Nata from Natas nest too write Sunday sayings .

Kara’s blog is very well organized and looks professional too . I like the way she presents her post . Even while writing patterns , I have never seen so methodically formatted post . Also, she has been in a publishing industry so that’s an added advantage . I like to become orderly but I fail to do so as I take myself for granted every now and then :)

Debi, in her latest guest post suggested sharing our happy moments too. I did not seriously think about it. Most of my days are sad since I lost my dad 1.5 years back. I try to look on brighter side of life daily . I am a little apprehensive about writing my happiness . But I think I will give it a try on every Wednesday . Is there any number that starts with 'w '?

Two things that made me happy!!

1) I have started a schedule for my blog :)

2) Anshita wrote a poem in her English enrichment class (there are few people in this class) and got a 'Very good' note .
I asked her, "Who else got that note?”
She replied, "I don't know about others but I got.”
Her reply made me smile and I made a mental note not to compare again :)

This is my first Wednesday post, so it has run a bit longer. I intend to keep it short from next time .

Smile please!
Preeti :)

About ‘Just something on Wednesday’: A place where I share something that might bring a smile on your faces :)

Monday 28 January 2013

And POP! Comes out my heart !! : )

Better late than never!!
This Valentine post comes a bit late . I wanted to share a Valentine gift I earlier made for Raj : ) I cannot share about the one I am making for this year.

When he received this one , he thought that the cover is nothing but an envelope/case , a similar one which I made for his fabric Birthday card. I had to tell him that this is my satin top/gown with buttons ; ) Annndddd, when you open, POP! Comes out my heart for you!!! : )
No idea, whether he really was naïve to understand it or was he still thinking about office when I gave him . Anyways , I magnanimously forgave him that day for being unperceptive about my creativity : )

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart1

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart2

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart3

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart4

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart5

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart6

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart7

The heart is made of felt fabric and the cover, with a satin fabric ; sprinkled few embellishments : some stitched , some glued !! This is my first ever and so far the only one , felt project . The snow globe in the picture is a gift Raj got for me from one of his visits to San Francisco. It has a personalized message for me inscribed on it.

I usually end up in loss for the month of February . My B’day is on 13th Feb , 14th is Valentine day and on 17th Feb , is our wedding anniversary . While I get gift on my B’day , Raj expects other two gifts from me!! Sometimes we end up without any gift on Valentine day . On Wedding anniversary , we go together and buy a common gift . Not a bad deal I guess : )

Isn’t the gift romantic? Definition and expression of romance & love changes as we move ahead in life. Every stage of life has its own pleasures : )

Happy week ahead !!
Do write in !

Preeti : )

Thursday 24 January 2013

A teeny-weeny square!

Just thought of posting a little square I made yesterday and weaved-in too (this is important as most of my items are struggling to get finishing touches :) ) I made it with Anchor red heart crochet cotton, size 20 and the pattern for this is here. This square measures 2 inches . I have crocheted many items but there is no time for photos and posts .

Crochet square

Crochet square

mini Crochet square

mini Crochet square

There are some bloggers who are very organized and have some kind of schedule for posting, so I thought I must try to make mine a bit systematic too. And, I have come up with this plan for every week.

Monday – Post about my creation(s)

Wednesday – ‘Just something on Wednesday’
This post will be about something creative, funny or interesting from the world of crafts/needlework.

Friday‘Meri Kitaab’- The Book Review
My reviews on the needlework and other craft books that I own.  Meri Kitaab is a term in Hindi language which means - ‘my book’:)

I am going to deploy this plan from next week. And of course, I can repeat as many Mondays in a week :) :)

What do you say about this plan and about my teeny-weeny square? Do suggest me a creative title for Wednesday’s post.

Have a blog-full day !!

Preeti :)

Thursday 17 January 2013

A crochet drawstring bag!

Hi !!!!!

I created this crochet drawstring bag few days back. It is made with local thick yarn (cotton+silk) and with size 7.0 mm hook. To embellish it, I crocheted a rose with metallic silver thread thinner than the yarn.

Also, I am happy to share that my daughter has won the first prize in the ‘ Kite decoration competition’ about which I posted on my previous post :)) She got the results today.

Again, I am glad to receive ' Liebster award ' from Nata of Natas Nest and Shikha of I love handmade. Thank you Nata and Shikha !! This is my fourth Liebster award :)

I could not make the drawstring bag stand or hang it somewhere because of its big size and weight, so I got hold of my daughter’s teddy bear to model it :)

Crochet drawstring bag

Crochet rose

Crochet drawstring bag

Hope you enjoyed it!

Happy blogging!
Preeti :)

Monday 14 January 2013

Happy Sankranti and Kite festival!

‘Makar Sankranti’ is the harvest festival of India. People celebrate it with bonfires and prayers are offered to the Sun God for better crop. For children, it is also an occasion to celebrate it as a kite festival.

There was a kite decoration competition in my daughter’s school and she made this cute ‘ Kite Princess’:) It is a difficult task to decorate a kite because you have to use lightweight items and cannot use paints as the kite might tear off soon. She prepared few of her embellishments at home.

Have you observed that she has beautiful kite shaped eyes? She likes wearing kite earrings and her rubber bands on the braids are also kitey! And she has a gorgeous lonnnggg tail of tiny kites :)

Raj is very good at kite flying. Both father and daughter spent hours on weekend flying kite on the terrace:)

Isn’t her kite cute?

Keep writing!
Preeti :)

Sunday 13 January 2013

Finally, I won a giveaway too !

Hi friends! Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Last week I received my order for few more size 10 threads and some new types too. I have taken pictures of few. The cone ones are purse threads and the other two skeins are called ‘Fun feathers’. I plan to make a stylish scarf for my daughter:)

And this goes into ….

And this is what I have won – a wooden chest of drawers!! I won it from Raj, my hubby. After throwing lot of tantrums and stomping my foot for a week, he got it custom made for me:)

These are few books that I purchased online in last 2 weeks.

But my prized possession is this shade card that I bought along with threads from Pradhan stores. I needed it badly as it was difficult to relate shades of DMC Vs Anchor threads since I have most of the cross stitch charts in DMC codes and we get Anchor threads in India. Sometimes, online chart convertors do not give exact shade.

Hope you like my giveaway to myself ;)

Happy weekend!
Preeti :)

Monday 7 January 2013

Blast from the past !

Hi all ! Hope everyone has started off with their new resolutions and new projects.

I was just looking into the crochet creations I did some 10 years back and saw this unused doily. I thought of sharing with you all. This doily measures 18 inches across and is made with a local crochet cotton slightly thicker than size 20.

Hope you liked it !:)
Happy week ahead !
Preeti :)

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