Thursday 8 October 2015

Crochet Top? Jacket ? Bolero? :)

I don't know what to call it. It was experimental and I wanted to make a bolero but thought this might turn into a simple top . Still I tried for making a jacket kind which started taking Bolero shape . So here it is whatever you want to call it ........

Crochet Jacket top Bolero

I made this for Anshita and I hope she would wear it even though I made so many mistakes. Overall, it looks fine :)

Crochet Jacket top Bolero

It is made with Turkish Nako Saten yarn and 4 mm hook . The square motif -23 (continuous motif) is from the book 'Connect the shapes' by Edie Eckman .  I also added these two cute buttons of her choice . She got very good result in term 1 and she was in merit list with all As in her class :) Hopefully, she performs well in the final exam too .
We are going for a vacation on Saturday and will be back by month end . Not sure , if I would have access to internet . I am still not done with packing .

Have a great crafty time!!

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