Thursday 30 May 2013

Just something on Wednesday !!

Hi all,

It’s been quite a while I have not posted. I have many reasons to share, but I will cut my long story short . I spilled hot oil on my little finger (right hand) while frying , so no crafty time for few days . My husband was out of city for few days so even more difficult to manage . And to add to it, continuously sitting in ACs due to hot weather brought in slight feverish days for me. But I managed to visit most of yours blogs and lots of pinning too :) If interested , take a look here.

Things that made me happy :

1. I got my new laptop today : Dell Inspiron 15 R :) . I use my iPad only for reading blogs . For posting , I needed a laptop .  This is my first post from new laptop :)

2. It rained heavily today and cooled down to a pleasant level ; now I can open doors and windows :)

Anshita’s three of school friends came over to spend time together from 11 am to 7pm. this Sunday. They had lunch and evening snacks here and I was happy to see Anshita happy :) She had a nice time a couple of weeks back at her friend’s home and it was my turn to call them.

I am slowly catching up with my crafty activities and will share soon.

Enjoy your day !!
Preeti :)


Wednesday 15 May 2013

A Squiggly Wiggly Fun !!!!!!! :)

Hi !!!!! Hope you had a good night’s sleep or wish you a one depending on what part of the world you are :) Just for a  change wrote this line, got bored writing ......”Hope you had a nice weekend or doing well” :)

I am happy to share another lovely project with you . A wiggles cushion !!! It was on my todo list items when Anshita said she wanted one . There are many ways of crocheting wiggles , covering full or partial area of work . I assessed many patterns and finally chose the beautiful yet easy one designed by none other than my dear friend , Debi ! :) She designed wiggles square for SIBOL . It is a lovely square and fun to make . She wrote the instructions here which are very clear and easy to follow . Thank you for this cute pattern, Debi !! :)

 Crochet wiggles square cushion 1

I repeated the steps in the basic design and extended it to make a small cushion size square measuring 12 x 12 inches .

Crochet wiggles square cushion 2

This is the square before adding a fabric on the back side .  I have used purse thread which is silky and shiny and has a bit of firmness so that the wiggles can stand upright . I crocheted the base square with 3.5 mm hook and the wiggles with 4.5 mm hook .  For the border it is a line of HDCs with multicolored thread .

Crochet wiggles square cushion 3

Crochet wiggles square cushion 4

I took pictures yesterday night in Anshita’s room . Her room is old fashioned now ; I designed it 10 years back from a toddler’s perspective .

Anshita , shooing me away from her bedroom :) She found this hand puppet when I took some small soft toys from her stock as props for pictures . Kids never know how many toys they have and it is a big surprise to them when they find an old forgotten one !!

Crochet wiggles square cushion 5

On mother ’s day , Anshita made this beautiful card with origami flowers and an origami ring box :) When the flower blooms (of course, it has to be manually opened :) , there pops out a tiny origami candle in the centre !! 

Origami ring box and flower

Origami ring box and ring

The ring box can be opened and there is an origami heart shaped ring for me :) Raj helped her fix a foam piece inside the box . In all, it was a happy mother ’s day !:) I wasn't expected to cook either :)

Few more photos of my cute cushion .

 Crochet wiggles square cushion 6

Crochet wiggles square cushion 7

Isn’t it cute and lovely? Do write me .  I feel happy to read your sweet comments :)

Have a wonderful crafty week !!

Preeti  :)

Monday 13 May 2013

Turtle Trot 2013 May update

It is time for Turtle Trot 2013 SAL update . Every 13th of the month we share the progress on our chosen 13 projects for this SAL . See here to know about my 13 projects. To read about and sign up for this SAL , visit BAP Attack blog .

This month I could not work much on the pieces . Partly due to lack of time and also I started one more new cross stitch project . Still , I am happy that I did made some progress :)

1. Humming Bird Quartet by Frankie Buckley, Leisure arts.



Made some progress  on the floral petals .

2. Cross stitch blooms by Barbara Baatz Hillman, Leisure arts .



 Started new block with couple of branches

6. ‘Drama Queen’ by Kyla May from the book, ‘Smirk attitudes A to Z’, Leisure arts .




Completed hairs ; Lots of them and lots of quarter stitches !! It was a bit difficult to work with black color since the stitches were not easily visible . It will look better once the outline is done .  I love her shoes , they are cute and of different colors :)

I try to devote 1st to 15th of every month to cross stitch and remainng days for crochet , although it doesn’t relate to my posts which are more often on crochet finishes :)

Have a nice day !
Preeti :)


Tuesday 7 May 2013

Splashed with colorful blooms!!!!!

Hello!!! Hope you all are having a great crafty time! :)

I am ready and eager to show one of my finished pieces . I thought of a quick project and started making a flower. I liked it very much, so I made some more :)

Crochet flowers

Crochet flowers

Aren't they colorful?

Then, with the help of some crochet blocks and some tutorials on Internet, I made a square at the base of the flowers . I scoured my stash for bright colors to make the square but they always dominate the piece . So this time I decided no oranges, yellows or greens; let me experiment with different shades. I chose grey and burnt purple colors and I loved it. They don't look that dull....right?

Crochet flower square

I started joining the squares and added a border. I like brightening up everything ; so what, if not with colors, beads will do! :) I needed small pearls which I did not have . I decided not to rush to the store and instead shop from my own stock at home :) The ones I had were medium sized, but I guess they look good on the border . I love to see the beaded string while crocheting although sometimes it is irritating to continuously push them down. I also added some buttons at the joins .
The border pattern is a cluster edging (page no. 261) from the book ‘Crochet stitches visual encyclopedia’ by Robyn Chachula . I crocheted the beads at the edge of the cluster. I have used Anchor knitting cotton and hook size 2.75mm.

Crochet beaded border

At last, the blocking part. It was a bit difficult because I crocheted slightly loose. After 1 hr of slogging to shape it, I decided that it can't get any better even if I sit for another one hour. This is perfect for me! :)

Crochet floral table runner

Crochet floral table runner

Finally, lands on my table!! Ta- daa !!!!!!

Crochet floral table runner

Crochet floral table runner

Calm and peaceful, yet colorful !! I loved it !! Did you ?

Have a nice day !
Preeti  :)

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Just Something on Wednesday! Plans, plans, and plans!!!!

Hi ya !! I planned to post something this Monday but it did not work . After all…....

Source : Cross Stitch free pattern @ Posy Collection

I am now working on ummm..….plan K !!  ; )

Thanks to all my friends for patiently reading my last post and thank you for reading my article too !! : )

Things that made me happy :

1. I did not feel sad even if I was not able to complete my project this Monday . Not feeling sad made me happy  : )

2. Controlled my urge for buying new yarn . I assessed that I have enough right now ! Although that didn ’ t deter me from surfing for good deals : )

I hope to give you a good news very soon !  Naa , no new babies here and there is a long wait to become a grandma  : ) It ’ s about the same...…posting my finished project .

Enjoy !!
Preeti  : )

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