Monday 30 March 2015

Margaret Sherry Spring Cat SAL 2014 completed :)

Though late, but I finally completed the Margaret Sherry SAL #5 for Spring Bouquet Cat :)))
This SAL is hosted by a very talented Nia from Margaret Sherry group blog . I could have completed it in 2014 but I was just putting off the back stitching task for a long time . Here is another spring finish for you :)

Today the weather has cooled down a bit and its not that hot . So I am not at loss for spring here either :)

Enjoy a crafty week!

Friday 27 March 2015

Colorful and happy :)))

Thank you for your lovely comments on my spring doily !!

I am sure you will like this one too :)

I crocheted this lace for my kitchen, will show it again in another post once I hang it there .

I made it with variegated Red Rose knitting cotton . I don't remember the hook size I used, may be, 2.5 mm. The lace is around 2 metres long .

The pattern is from the book, '150 favourite crochet designs', by Dover Needlework Series .

The hand mirror that you see on the first picture is the one which I have been using for the past 6 years . Its always in my purse . I feel if the mirror is beautiful, you will look beautiful ;) lol....just kidding . This is the back side of it . Some of the stones have come out after these many years but I still love it . It is a handmade piece with beads and sequins on the lacquer .

Last week we attended parent teacher meeting in Anshita's school .

The above was her last year's result, all excellent grades, and she got latest iPod nano from me . This year I had a doubt and I made up my mind for few less grades . But.....

She made it this year too :) All A1s and As !! They are the highest grades in Part 1 and Part 2 respectively .  So she got a bigger gift..... Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 . 

Now I really don't approve of this gift and she certainly doesn't know that I did not buy it but we got it free when we purchased new TV . Anyways she will get to know if she reads this post but it totally depends on me whether to give ownership to her or not . When it comes to online surfing, I am a strict mom . But yes, I am very happy that she did very well in class VII and now she is in class VIII :)) This was something I usually do not share with a picture but I couldn't stop feeling proud :)

Few days back, I was upset for some reason and in the evening, I received a parcel which cheered me up :) Last month,  I won a giveaway hosted by a lovely blogger friend Kate from 'Stitches, Scraps and Sparkles in the Sun' . She is a versatile blogger, crocheting and stitching and a very busy mom . I am always inspired by the amount of energy and enthusiasm she has for everything in life . Thank you, Kate !! :) I am glad to have those and I will definitely squeeze in at least one project this year . 

There are total 28 booklets on various themes :) And there are lots that I can see I am going to stitch . 

The summers are on but still the temperatures are stable . Next month Anshita will have half day school and then by April end she would have 1.5 months of summer break !! We both are anxiously looking forward to it :)

Have a great weekend!

Monday 16 March 2015

For those who are welcoming spring ........:)

Hope you had a nice weekend ! Just dropped in to say hello and share my finished doily :)

I completed blocking few of my crochet pieces on the weekend and now they are pending for next status - photoshoot , then they may spend some more time relaxing in next status(es) . Meanwhile , this colorful doily just made its luck for the debut .

It is a doily designed by Patricia Kristoffersen and is from the book, 'Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies,' by Leisure Arts publication . 

Named as - Perfect Pineapple - it measures 13 inches across and is made with Size 20 Anchor mercerized crochet thread and 1.5 mm hook .

I randomly chose the color and wasn't sure how would it turn in the end . It is looking nice, I guess :)

The last round of this doily had a stitch which wasn't so easy, its called - 'Split 6-TR cluster'. But once I got the rhythm, it was all a simple race to finish . I don't like pineapple patterns but since PK patterns have different stitches, I like trying those .

Anshita's exams went well and she got results for few subjects too, she has done very well :) We have Parents meeting on Wednesday and then she will move to Class VIII .

Cricket World Cup fever still on and India hasn't lost any match until now...let's hope we are champions this year too :)

The temperatures are rising here and still bearable between 35-38 C but soon it will turn very hot next month . I also updated my blog with my cross stitch 2014 finishes on the right hand sidebar .

Have a crafty week ahead!

Monday 2 March 2015

Messy-to-Classy Feb-March and some stitching progress........

Thank you for your lovely wishes on my wedding anniversary !! :) As usual, I am sorry , I could not reply to your comments :(

I am having a busy time, not sure, where the time is going . I missed the February Messy-to-Classy post . That's very bad of me as a host :(  My dear friend Daniela remembered and posted about her table makeover . That is very sweet of her. Thank you, Daniela !! :)

I have opened the Messy-to-Classy link for Feb-March and if you have anything to share, you may add there . My craft room is also the guest room and since my mother is staying in that room so I am not allowed to mess it up . Anyways , since I started this to put some discipline into maintaining my stash properly for which I never get time after I tend to daily organizing work at home .

So I just got my messed up fabric box to my bedroom and rearranged it .

Here is some stitching progress I have made on my Kitty Litter . I did not like the fabric and no where it is like a cotton as mentioned on the kit . I started it on my Birthday and I plan to finish it on my next when I turn 40 . But seeing the progress, looks like it will take atleast 3 years to complete .

Not sure, how that yellow shade is coming after uploading onto the post. It is not there in the original picture . I also worked on ladybird fairy's skirt .

Anshita's exams are going on well and will be done by 11th March . 

We all are just hooked on to Cricket World Cup and with India's smashing victory in all the three matches against South Africa, UAE and Pakistan....its going great !!:) The next one is scheduled on Friday with West Indies .

Hope you all are having fun :)

Have a nice day!

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