Monday 19 March 2018

Some progress and a gift from a blogger friend:)

Life is just as busy as always and there shouldn't be a reason for not squeezing in few hours a week to write a blogpost:)

I made a good progress on two of my new starts this year-

Stylised allium flowers - designed by Lesley Teare from the magazine Cross stitch collection, May 2011



This is how it will look when done

Smiles all round - designed by Margaret Sherry from the magazine The WOCS, issue 240

After : stitched lots of browns

Before : believe me, both stitching are in the same direction:)

This is how it will look when done

My blogger friend, Catherine, from the blog - I Love to Stitch - enjoys cross stitch and jewellery making. Her beading work is very neat and lovely! It is so nice of her that she made a beautiful beaded crystal ball for me:) Thank you Catherine, your gift is so pretty! It took a long time to reach me. She posted in January and I received it last week. I am glad it did not get lost in the transit.

Isn't it delicate and beautiful ? Few months back, I had purchased lots of jewellery making stuff. Seeing beading tutorials on pinterest, I used to think it looks quite easy to make but, when I started making it, I realized that it is not as easy as it looks. I couldn't make it firm at all and the beading needles are too delicate to handle.

Anshita took pictures of some flowers at home but she was too busy to shortlist them. I will share few images in each of subsequent posts. There are no more flowers now but it is good to see that there were some pretty ones in my small balcony garden.

Button roses

Thanks for seeing!
Have a crafty week ahead!

Thursday 1 March 2018

I only do luxury ! :)

Thank you for your wishes on my last post :) I have been meaning to reply you separately but life is too busy (also read as 'I am a bit lazy') to do everything :D

So here I am with another finish from the twelve new projects I started in the month of February.

'I only do Luxury' from the book, Attitudes A to Z by Kyla May. There are many cute stick figures in this book

I used three strands for the hair and two strands for the entire design stitching over 14 count white cotton aida fabric.

I am almost done with my next finish. Hope to get it here soon. So only ten projects remain of my twelve new starts this year but my worry is that I am not progressing much on the medium sized projects and soon I will be at a loss of smaller projects again. I should work on bigger ones as well. Also I mentioned about seven new crochet projects in March but I need to postpone because  Anshita's annual exams are to begin from Tuesday. I will continue with my WIPs then. 

Have a nice day!

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