Wednesday 6 April 2016

Presenting....... Julia !!!:))

Hello all,

Hope you are doing great . I have completed my first blackwork design, Julia !!!!

Here she is in all her glory :)

Julia Blackwork :

This pattern is designed by Valentina Sardu for Ajisai Press

I was done with the most part of stitching and was struggling with time to complete a little part . Everyday I thought of completing the little portion and then write a post . The stitches would be more straight when the fabric is properly ironed and stretched for framing . Not much is expected though , that is just a way to console my heart and hide mistakes :D

Julia Blackwork   :

My verdict on blackwork : - I did not like because I could not successfully stitch using the Holbein stitch a.k.a. double running stitch . There were places I just could not trace the stitches back and was upset at my failures after every inch of design . Seeing me complaining everyday , Raj asked me to contact the designer to know how to stitch . But I was determined to struggle alone and just couldn't accept my failure at logically applying the stitching method to the design . Moreover , I wanted to complete quickly . Approaching the Blackwork Guru would have meant completing systematically and slowly because I was and I am a sincere student all my life .

I used Holbein stitch mostly everywhere maneuvering through backside cleverly and completing it successfully . The design itself is beautiful so the finish looks beautiful even if there are flaws in my stitching method. But I have learned few tricks automatically though I didn't bother to go back and stitch correctly at some places . May be next time I will try some easy-fill blackwork design to start liking it . There is no doubt that this design is so wonderful !!

You should try this gorgeous design too .
Have a crafty day!
Preeti :)

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