Monday 21 April 2014

100 and still growing !!! blog :)))

Yippee !!! This is my 100th blog post . It took me so long to push it but finally it's here :) I hope you haven't unsubscribed  ;) and are doing great :)

I would like to thank you for the love , support and encouragement you extended and made my blogging a success . Without you , it's just could not have happened and I look forward to cherish this friendship and share creativity and dreams with you .

Click below for a million ' Thank You '  fun.   May not work on tablets because it is a flash file .

Thank You    :))))))))))

There are lot of reasons for my absence but I will postpone details for later . My new blog header wasn't planned for 100th post . Few weeks back, when I opened my blog after many days, I found photobucket error plastered all over in the background. To fix that, I added another background and that did not go well with the old header. Hurriedly, I created a new header . Anyways , it was due for changing and it happened for good .

Giveaway ? Yes, for sure , I am planning for it. But I need some time to put it together . This was just an ice-breaking post ;)

A heart full of thanks again !!
Preeti  :)

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