Tuesday 3 April 2018


...some progress on my projects and some mundane everyday stuff.

We went on a weekend trip to complete our yearly visit to a pilgrim place. Anshita's exams were over last week but there was some glitch in one of the subjects and students were supposed to take a re-exam for that subject. That was going to be a huge spoiler but since around 2 million students were going to be affected, the examination board decided not to have re-exam for the entire nation but only in the affected areas. That was a big relief for us. This was an important checkpoint exam for her which is conducted at national level. So now she is having fun doing movie marathon and doesn't bother how much her mom shouts at her :) I have given up too :(

Here is my progress on cross stitch card, one of the twelve new projects started this year. I am making for someone who reads my blog, but not that regularly and may not have an idea that I am making it for her :)



Few food items I made last week

Chilli Paneer 
I am getting good at making this - that's my daughter's verdict, and she is a big foodie:)

Mixed lentils cutlets
Tried it for the first time. It has 5 different types of lentils and spices.

Bread Margherita pizza 
To make eating store bought bread more appealing :)

Some random craft shopping I did in February. 

laces & trims

frames, tags etc.

Jewelry making materials

I have family travel plans in April and May. Anshita is having summer vacation of two months in April and May so have to make most of it including having her organize her own things and possibly teach her some household work other than just fetching a glass of water and keeping her snacks plate in the sink instead of just on the dining table. Ok, enough of cursing my bad mothering. I hope I can get blogging and crafting time in these two months.

Have a great week!

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