Tuesday 30 May 2017

Another finish and a lovely exchange ! :))

Thanks for your comments on my last post !!

I have a cross stitch finish to share today which was meant for an exchange long due with my friend Mini from Miniz Diary . She received yesterday and now I am free to post about it :)

Blue tit cross stitch collection 2013

Cross stitch 'Blue bird' by Lesley Teare from the magazine Cross Stitch Collection April 2013 issue .

I framed it but unfortunately the glass frame didn't survive the long journey :(

We agreed for two handmade items but I forgot to take the pictures of the second handmade which is a crochet heart hanging . These are my goodies that I had sent .

Buttons, burlap ribbons, mini easel, sketched card from Goa and a set of cookie cutters

I received Mini's gifts a week ago . She made her first lovely Biscornu  for me and now it is mine first too :) And her knitting coasters are soft and sweet as well! Thank you Mini !!

She pampered me with lots of goodies which don't fit into one screen shot .....:)

linen and cotton fabric, mill hill kit, postcard, earrings
Needle minder and a scissor fob - both made by her

Lovely stationery and a crochet needle organizer which she got custom made
And yes, a spice mix also but I couldn't take pics as I already opened it

I enjoyed the exchange a lot and was happy to do it because we (read I ) had been missing deadlines with some or the other reasons :) Thank you Mini for the wonderful gifts !! Looking forward to see more exchanges in future .

Have a great week ahead!

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Falling for the stars crochet doily....

Here is another crochet doily I completed blocking . It is made with Anchor knitting cotton and 2.5 mm crochet hook and measures 18.5 inches across .

Falling for the stars crochet doily

The pattern is known as 'Falling for the stars' and is designed by Kathryn White for the Crochet World magazine, June 2011.

Hope you liked it . I am almost done with one more cross stitch and also I have a lovely exchange to share with you in my next post :)

Happy crafting!

Thursday 18 May 2017

Crochet doily and Cross stitch progress

Thanks for your comments on my last post . I completed blocking two doilies , here is a small black doily from the book series , ' A year of doilies ' book 5. Made with size 20 Anchor crochet thread, it measures 10 inches across .

My Kitty Litter project is on track and I worked on it in the first week of May . Although I couldn't make progress as I wished for but still it's good

After : Completed the leftmost kitty


My belated Bday gifts from Raj - I got the Soda cross stitch 'Elf Garden' (from Soda Stitch Indonesia) in March and a new iPhone 7 plus in April . I have started working on the cross stitch :)

I got some fabric stash few weeks back of different varieties to understand working with those , maybe , in distant future :D 

Crepe silk , Rayon and velvet fabrics

Cotton printed

Jute and Handloom cotton printed

Woolen printed fabrics

I got these online from Fabriclore.com

Happy crafting !!

Monday 8 May 2017

A feather in my cap and a storm in my head !

Well , the latter part of the title has got nothing to do with my post ...ha ha...just that I could not think of any title and this sounded good so I added it :)

Here is the feather in my cap . My first cross stitch design , Summer cards , got published in the April-June 2017 issue of the ' Anchor Needle n Thread ' magazine , India :)

Life was busy last few weeks .  Anshita's summer vacation started from 21st April . We attended my cousin's wedding last month and met my family and relatives . Anshita wore a lehenga/half-sari . It is similar to a sari with top and long skirt but the wrap around is just two meters instead of  five meters . She was looking very cute !! :) 

Anshita with her cousin , Piyush (my brother's son)

I also made mehendi/henna for her . I am not good at it but I managed to make her happy :)

Also , visited a newly opened craft store and got some random stash . 

Burlap ribbons and hemp ropes

Some assorted things - mini easels , watering can chalkboard 

textured paper and felt sheets , mini chalkboard for my craft room

Few buttons and sewing supplies

Hobby books (purchased online)

I am enjoying Anshita's company at home with ACs and electricity bills running all time high :) We got self-ligating dental braces fitted for her and now, after two weeks, the discomfort has reduced and she can eat regular food instead of soft mashed ones .

Hope you are doing well and enjoying your time :) 
Happy crafting !!

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