Tuesday 12 December 2017

Stained glass quilt - my first attempt

Thank you for your thoughts on my last post , everything is under control now .

I have been away from the blogland due to my health reasons again and was advised bedrest :( I was mostly surfing pinterest and reading . I did complete my Goodreads reading challenge of 24 books this year so that's a consolation.

I had attended a stained glass quilt workshop organised at a fellow quilter's home . I am not into quilting but wanted to try patchwork . I chose the easiest pattern and also generated lot of learn-by-mistakes events for everyone in the workshop ...lol . But I braved the entire patchwork with sewing machine because I am not good at working with machine .

I made it in Dec, 2016 but completed the border just two months back . It took me almost one year to get it here. It measures approximately 16"x16" . I also tried the mitered corner while making the border and it wasn't that intimidating .

And yes, please don't comment with a get-well message as I don't want to make it a norm for me . I should better get used to these new-to-me health issues but it is slowing down my life often when I am about to or in a mode to speed up . I would rather appreciate if you share a link of your choice to a free pattern or tutorial to just feel happy :)

Can't wait to see what you all have been upto , I hope all is well and you are preparing for Christmas :)

Happy crafting!

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