Tuesday 27 November 2012

Kids Crafty Time !!

Hi ya!!
I just wanted to share a couple of craft items which my daughter created few days back :)

Paper plate clock

Paper plate clock best out of waste

This wall clock is made from paper plate as part of  'best out of waste' project in her Hindi language subject. For those who do not know Hindi, here are the captions in the clock :

12 pm- lunch
3 pm- TV
6 pm- playtime
9 pm - sleep time
And the cute smiley in the center asks - Study time?? :) Isn’t it cute?

Another one below was for the gift wrapping competition in her school. She did not win any prize but she has done a wonderful job!  I made the lock and key embellishment for her. The lock caption reads 'Unlock my wishes ! '

Gift wrapping ideas

Gift wrapping ideas

Hope you enjoyed these simple craft items . :)
Happy blogging!!

Preeti :)



  1. Your daughter is very talented...takes after her mother! Thanks for the translation, too. :)

  2. I think her gift wrap should be winner....I like the idea "unlock my wishes"

    and the clock looks so nice. She IS creative like her mom:)

  3. Very happy and cute, congratulations. Kisses.

  4. Unlock my wishes is a real cute caption!Creative child!

  5. woww.. All of them are so cute...:))

  6. sweet creations :)
    Evu - amateurcrafts.blogspot.com

  7. Cute and lovely !
    Have a nice day.

  8. We enjoyed! Also it's even more enjoyable when kids create themselves:) Great job and thanks to Mum (you) for encouraging child to create.

  9. They both are super cute! I can't wait when my children get a bit older and start making kids projects like that. It's so much fun!

  10. Oi minha flor!
    Obrigada pela visita ao blog amiga!
    Adorei este relógio feito no prato..achei o máximo e muito divertido!
    Toda criança gostaria de ter um!
    Parabéns minha flor!
    Mil beijos!

  11. Little Preeti is so blessed...
    Just like her Mom :)

  12. your daughter has done a great job! soo cute!

  13. Olá Preeti!
    Parabéns, são geniais,muito criativo!
    Amei a ideia!
    Obrigada por sua visita e gentíl comentário em meu blog.
    Grande abraço,


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