Tuesday 3 July 2018

Stitching update and call for a suggestion...

Thank you for your comments on my last post ! I won't say I could not reply due to blogger issues because I haven't been prompt in replying in last few months, maybe an year, ok, few years but not never :D

I have been working mostly on two projects, one I cannot show as it is meant for gifting and it is already delayed:(

Here is my progress on another one of my twelve new starts this year, Bellle & Boo Gardening.



I used a plain white aida fabric, so I changed the dress color to cream which was white in the main design and also the print on the dress was nice but annoying to stitch, so I changed that as well to a simple print. Only backstitching is remaining. I hope it will be done by next week.

I need a suggestion on my Allium flowers project. There are some single stitches/confetti stitches in variegated shade in between flowers. Do you think the design looks more beautiful with that or if I leave those stitches, will my flowers look less pretty? I think both questions are same, anyways, but do let me know your opinion. I need to change the thread as I am using different fabric color. I also ran out of one shade so this project is on hold for sometime. Here is the close-up of original design.

Original design

 My progress so far

About my trip photos, well, there are thousands and I selected few hundreds. Don't worry I won't show all here :D For a trip of two weeks, one camera, three smartphones and a teenager with Instagram account, this is bound to happen. I feel old days life of limited camera rolls was easier to manage. I will definitely share in next post.

Happy creative week ahead!

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