Wednesday 16 July 2014

What's on my hook ?

Thanks for your welcoming comments on my last post :)
Right now, I am crocheting 2 covers for a pair of 24x24 inches cushion . Front of one is almost done . For the back as well as lining, I will use fabric .

The yarn used is Lily Sugar n Cream and although I know its not good for wearable yet I thought it would be good for d├ęcor purpose . But even with that its not so good . So I want to finish the yarn as soon as possible . I got these online from Jo-Ann 's when I was trying other brands and ended up with lots of these as they were cheap and colorful .

Whatever, I like the spread of color :)

Also , yesterday I solved Rubik's cube for the first time . It was great !! I followed the algorithms in this video . Its easy.

Have a nice day :)


Monday 14 July 2014

I am back !! :)

Hi !!!!!!!! I am back :)))

Its been so long away from blogging . I missed you all very much :(

We shifted to our new flat one month back and I got busy arranging stuff . Also three of us were not keeping well due to the hot weather last month and then all the dust while packing and shifting . So it slowed down further .

I was tired and bored . So we went to a handicraft bazaar. I bought some ceramic pots for my balcony garden . Here are few snaps from the pottery section when I remembered that I now have a new mobile phone . It has 20MP camera but I dont know how to use it properly .



And these are few images from my 7th floor bedroom balcony .

View on the left...there is a small lake

View on the right

View at  night

Some 2 km away there passes a railway line . A close up image of a train running through.
It is quite an entertainment to watch them . It is far off from flat and no disturbance as such but we can hear it loud when it blows horn . The flat is very open and amazingly airy and full of light, especially, the bedroom . For the past few years , I could not see a full view of sky from my window or balcony. Here I can enjoy as much as I can until there comes some high rise building again . It is one the metro cities with a population of 8.7 million . 

I will share inside view of my new home but still some more cleaning and arranging is left . Right now I am taking a break for few days and trying to catch up with my crochet and cross stitch projects again :))

I am off to read your blogs :)

Have a great week !!
Preeti :)

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