Monday 29 January 2018

Crochet doily

Thank you for your comments on my last post. I am on my way to begin my twelve days of new-project-a-day challenge that starts from 1st Feb.

Here is a quick update on my finished crochet doily which I completed last year but could not make it here due to my blog processing activities.

It measures 14 inches wide and I crocheted it with Anchor size 20 thread and 1.5 mm hook.

I am just so embarrassed to write only few words when I boasted in the last post that I will be back with more words. Can't help it, it's your day, enjoy! :)

Have a great week!

Wednesday 17 January 2018

It requires a plan to plan something.

Thank you for welcoming me in 2018 in the last post ! I still haven't prepared a systematic list of my resolutions this year and concluded that we need to plan ahead in order to plan something:) It's complicated !

Anyways, since I was bored stitching animals and fairies, I decided to stitch flowers. The fabric is 14 count white aida, it is the dappled sunlight through curtains that has caused the shaded effect on the picture.

This design is from the book 'Embroideries and Patterns from 19th century Vienna' by Raffaella Serena. It has been many years since I stitched from the book. My first post was a finish from this design. I was a novice in posting and fabric selection then.

I had, in 2017, planned to stitch Kitty Litter project dedicating first week of each month. I followed the schedule for almost six months and then fell out of that plan. I did again this month and here is my progress.

After : added last cat on the right


Since I wasn't keeping up with my exercise routine, Raj got someone to do it on my behalf. Unfortunately, it is not a handsome hunk who would entertain me but a humble monk, 'Lenovo Yoga' laptop. It can be folded on either sides and have touchscreen as well. This is my first post from the new laptop.

Although I don't have an elaborate 2018 plan but I have made up my mind about few things that I can share randomly now.

It's been a long time I haven't had the pleasure of starting multiple projects. So, I am going to have twelve new starts for the entire year. January is almost gone. But I am going to start one new project everyday from 1st to 12th Feb. These would be small or medium projects so that I can get a break from my large projects. To make it more inclusive, I will make eight as cross stitch and four as free hand embroidery projects. In March, I will start seven new crochet projects for the first week. So my kitty litter project will move to second week in the month of Feb and March.

My year 2018 will be the year of decluttering. I do keep on doing that regularly but still unwanted things often pile up. It is easier to declutter wardrobes and kitchen. Papers and documents clutter is my biggest workload. I am not a fan of Marie Kondo, the Japanese organising consultant, with the famous KonMari methods. Behind all this decluttering, I have evil plans to create more space for my crafty things...mwahahaha ! I don't have any plans to declutter my crafty things, I just organize and archive them :D

Do you declutter regularly ? In which area do you feel you are organized?

Thank you for reading until here. I will be back again with more words :)
Happy crafting!

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Welcome 2018 ! :)

Happy new year to all of you ! :) Hope you had a fun and relaxing new year eve .

I have been running behind some plans for new year mainly setting up goals which I have been doing for the past three years . Earlier I had given up on goals but setting them up gives me a hope that there is much to look forward to in life and learn new things . So I forget the past failures and set up goals , some of them quite elaborate , and prepare myself , yet again , to fail ! ...he he. If I complete even 1% of the list , believe me it is usually a big list, I am happy :)

Here is what I revived from last year into the new year . I recycled Anshita's old water bottle into a vase with crochet cover and decorative accents . I gave the task of taking pics to Anshita and Raj . A flower and leaves were hurriedly snapped from the plants in the balcony and arranged in a manner which they termed eclectic . After that , their main object of interest was the flower and depth effect pictures , not the vase at all .



I used left over Lily sugar n cream cotton yarn and some anchor knitting cotton . The sleeve of the vase and accents can be taken out and cleaned whenever needed .

Looking forward to your creations this year.

Have a creative and happy 2018!
Preeti :)

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