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I am Preeti, an ex - IT project manager turned homemaker who is a mother of one and wife of one;) Apart from doning the social and natural roles of a mother and wife,  I am a crocheter, embroiderer, crafter, writer, blogger and a published designer. Looking forward to add some more in future!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love to share my creations and hear your feedback. I personally reply to all my comments via email only. In case you do not receive my reply, then please check this post to fix the issue.

I try my best to visit back all the new friends joining me, but sometimes I am unable to reach your link through your profile. Please leave a comment or email id or your blog link if you are joining for the first time. You can reach me at

Lets have a crafty time!
Preeti :)


  1. Very pretty blog. Hope to see a lot of creat e witty here. :D

  2. great..PM turned homemaker, nice..., iam also an ex - IT employee..
    Waiting for more works..:-)

    Preeti, could u plz remove this dual word verification??? itz a bit tedious

  3. Thankyou Raji. I have removed the word verification. Let me know if you face any issue.

  4. I like what i see on your blog.I want to create one also I have just retired after 30+years of nursing.I have been a very active quilter but now I want to add more demention with embroidery keep sharing
    thanks nanc

  5. So happy to find you! Me too another crochet lover !

  6. Hello Preeti,
    Thank you for your visit in my blog, I came here to visit yours, and I am your new follower, hope to learn a lot with you.
    Greetings from Portugal
    Carla Pereira

  7. Preeti,

    I am Fátima from LavoresFL, thank you for visit my blog, now i visit yours and a like very mucht, congratulations!

    Best regards


  8. Hi Preeti, nice knowing your blog. Thanks for your visit

  9. Very nice blog and I am really pleased to be your virtual friend ;o) L.

  10. Hi Preeti!!

    great blog!! came across this blog whil searching for some doily patterns. Could you please let me know where can we get anchor thread for doilies in hyderabad.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Hi Preeti,
    you have a lovely daughter. And I know how difficult it is earn time when you are an IT employee. I try to snatch a few hours out of my daily routine to crochet. I sometimes succeed , sometimes not.
    Nevertheless, I love my weekends when I get to crochet more:-) Crochet relaxes me after all the neck and back ache complaints during the week due to work overload ;-) I live in Bangalore. Please do visit my blog to have a sneak peak into my small world of crochet.
    And love your posts. Waiting for somemore.

  13. I can imagine how happy your daughter must have been after you quit your job. I have a friend at office, she took 2 months leave and her daughter thought she's quit and was v happy. :):) I dont know when I will get more time to crochet. Right now I'm enjoying both the roles in life. Happy crocheting!!! :)

  14. hi preeti
    great job....i hv seen ur work previously also.a multi talented personality...all the best in your endeavours....

  15. awesome blog ... was looking you up at facebook ...

    this is Benu from Thecrochetbag at

  16. Hi,
    I've had your blog in my sidebar for over a year now and as it automatically updates, I get to keep an eye on you always. Great blogging. Good friends.
    Crochet Every Single Day,

  17. I found your blog via Google Image Search. I saw there that *somewhere* on your blog is a fantastic image of DMC flosses by color. Can you tell me where to find it please? I'm trying to convert a blue chart to a purple one (yes, a free chart). Thanks!!

  18. Hi Preeti, My name is Preethi as well and Im from IT.
    I love your line : I wasted my creative time to earn lot of money; now I am wasting lot of money to earn my creative time!. totally love it. I'm totally learning to sew and started my blog on it as well. Thanks,Preethi

  19. hello!!
    I love your blog and your creations.
    they are very cute!!!
    I invite you to visit me too!!

  20. Hi Preeti... Hopped on here from minizdiary and thoroughly enjoyed what I saw :) Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing more! :)

  21. So fun to read your blog. Good job dear :)

  22. I need to ask you one thing you are using the picture pattern . can you teach the pattern. then where we get your book

  23. an amazing blog :)

  24. Hello ..visited first time your blog its nice


Thank you for visiting my blog. I love to hear your feedback about my work!

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