Wednesday 6 February 2013

Just something on Wednesday !!

Life is not all about WIPs , pending laundry , cooking meals , taming kids and a hubby ; it ’s all about the journey of enjoying these ! :)

Source: Dimensions Cross Stitch

Things that made me happy:

1. I started my cross stitch projects and rediscovered my love for this art :)

2. One more leafy vegetable , Fenugreek (Methi in Hindi) , got added into my daughter’s list of ‘I Can Eat’ items . It is slightly bitter so I thought she won’t like :)

Happy blogging!

About ‘Just something on Wednesday’: A place where I share something that might bring a smile on your faces :)


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  2. Very true, Preeti :) One of my favourite sayings is: happiness is not a destination, it's a journey. Lovely cross stitch. It's been years since I did any and this morning I saw some kits on sale and I might buy one and pick it up again! Elisabeth x

  3. I love to cross-stitch too. I've been working on a big cross-stitch project in between doing crochet.
    Have a lovely day.

  4. That's a pretty cross stitch design! Good for your daughter for eating new vegetables!

  5. Very nice cross stitch and congrats on your daughters addition to her list:)
    Have a happy Thursday!

  6. Very nice work! I want to give it a try too! Please suggest me some tutorials on web.
    I love metthi! But noone else eats at home, so make it very rare.
    Enjoy! :)

  7. Beautifully done! Love your tag line too!! How true it is!

  8. E' molto bello questo ricamo, ha il sapore della primavera e della libertà

  9. beautiful....

  10. Never forget to enjoy the ride ;) lovely design!
    Enjoy the weekend!! Hugs&smiles

  11. Hi Preethi !!!!

    Its been quite some since I have come online. Kids exams and all you know the pressure is on moms only. But anyways like you said this is life and these little things adds on to our joys and makes our life more fulfilling. Luv the design. Can you put up some books on cross stitch from your collection on meri kitab sec. Just to get an idea becoz I have been wanting to add few of them in my book collection

    Take care



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