Friday 29 March 2013

Follower button and Google reader has NO connection

Hello Friends ,

After seeing many blogger friends moving to other reader applications post the declaration of shutting down Google reader , I wanted to share that it has got nothing to do with the ‘ Follower ‘ button on your blog .

Your FOLLOWERS and FOLLOW button will NOT CHANGE at all .

I don ’t use Google reader to read your blogs ,  I directly read through the subscription list displayed on my blogger dashboard . Google reader is something which enables you to read as well as bookmark your favorite blogs/posts from your subscription list . You might be following 1000s of blogs but may be reading only few hundreds. Reader helps you filter those hundreds and will not harm your entire subscription list of 1000s when it is going to close down .

So , only if , you are using Google reader to save those favorite items , you then need to move the data to some other application .

Also, the news clearly mentions that it is bringing down reader because of its reduced usage and definitely your dashboard or follower list is not used less . But , it is always good to have information on alternatives . Follower button is not going anywhere as of now with Google reader .

For more detailed information and alternatives, do read this nice post @ Joyful Creations with Kim

Important : I have just tried to clarify in case you are in a panic to change . You still may want to do your own research and decide .

Hope this information helps .


  1. Hi, Preeti! Thanks for info. Though I wasn't even aware that Google shuts down Google reader. nothing happens with followers/follower button of course.

  2. I have heard about google friend connect as well which is mainly the follower's list.
    I hope its just a rumour.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Thank you! That's why I have remained relaxed despite all the notifications from so many bloggers I follow. I have always read blogs from my blogger dashboard. Hopping in from Petals to Picots.

  4. You are absolutely right!! I like the concise way that you explained vs. the tons of detail on my blog - but thanks for the link over!!

  5. I'd been wondering about that -- thanks for clarifying it!

  6. Since last year Blogger team has been talking about shutting down google friend connect... Eventually that following button will be gone and so will the list of blogs on the Dashboard.
    Using another tool to read blogs, in my opinion, will only help us :)

  7. I am sad about Google reader, I was using it a lot. It was a great way to read all of my rss, not just blogspot blogs. Now I am looking for a new reader..

  8. Thanks for your explanation, Preeti! I hope it will bring some reassurance. I was already wondering about this excitement everywhere about google reader's close down. I myself did not need or use such a reader up to now. I have the reading list in my dashboard, the blog roll on my blog, and the bookmarks in my browser, that's really enough for me :-)


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