Friday 14 June 2013

Crochet leaf pattern !

Hello ! Hope you are having a crafty time . Thanks for your comments on my last post . I was a bit busy so could not reply to your comments but tried my best to answer the ones with queries . Next time , I will try to be prompt in communication .

I have added some veins to the leaf motifs I shared last week . I had earlier made a similar shape for the flame of Diwali lamp and made some leaves too. Recently , on internet , I saw images of crochet leaves with veins and improvised my pattern . I have written it in the end of post after my blabbering is done : ) First , some updated pictures.......

Free pattern Crochet leaves 1

Free pattern Crochet leaves 2

Free pattern Crochet leaves 3

Anshita’s summer vacation is over and her school reopened from this Thursday . So we all are disciplined back to routine : ) Weather here has cooled down for past two weeks after boiling summers . Temperatures are consistently in the range of 34 (max) to 22(min) Celsius . It is raining heavily these days .  No more ACs needed and no more sky rocketing electricity bills . That means I can divert those expenses towards yarns ; )

I have also started a bit of gardening in my small balcony . Will share few images in next post .
So everything here is happy except for some unruly activities done by hubby and kid which drives me crazy but there is no solution to it . I make rules and they enjoy breaking it !! : )
Let’s see the pattern and how I did in my test to write it ……

Use your own gauge , threads , yarns , hooks , needles , scissors and watch your own TV ; )

All the instructions are in US terminology

Part 1.

Start with a base color for leaf :
Use only one loop of chain, for the following steps.
2 SC in second chain from the hook.
HDC in next stitch.
2 DC in next stitch.
T R in next 3 stitch.
2 DC in next stitch.
HDC in next stitch.
SC in next stitch. (half side done)
SC in the corresponding stitch on the other side of chain (use remaining loops of the CH10 chain)
HDC in next stitch.
2 DC in next stitch.
T R in next 3 stitch.
2 DC in next stitch.
HDC in next stitch.
SC in next stitch.
Join to 1st SC with slip stitch.
Fasten off.

Part 2.

There will be 3 SCs once you complete the part one which will be the top end of the leaf.
Join border color with SC in the middle SC of these 3 SCs.
SC in each stitch across and in the beginning stitch too.
Join with slip stitch to the first SC.
Fasten off leaving a long tail for the veins.

Part 3.

Embroider veins as shown in the images using the yarn left in Part 2 after fastening. I have used stem stitch for the middle vein and straight stitch for the tiny branches. For better effects, use embroidery floss.

Weave-in the threads and use them as appliques etc.

Free pattern Crochet leaves 4

Hope you like it and I have passed my test . Errors can be identified and categorized as 'Typo' ; )
If you feel you may add/remove some stitches here and there to adjust but I am sure you may get good results with this pattern and will be perfect after blocking . If you have any tips , please mention in comments so that others will also know .

If you create anything using this pattern, please do link back to this post .

Happy Weekend !!
Preeti : )



  1. Thanks for sharing the pattern ! Your leaf is perfect !
    Have a nice weekend !
    The school is closing here for summer holidays...

  2. thank you my dear!!! your leaves are adorable!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. Hi, Preeti! I am glad you found time to crochet and even prepare pattern for us! :)
    Even in Chandigarh the temperature is decreasing, and I enjoy rainy days like a lot! Though humidity is still here and we still turn on ACs in the evenings.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

  4. Wow it is looking so beautiful...sweet ❤❤❤
    Love for you x

  5. Hey,

    Would you like to follow each other..!!!

    Keep in touch,

  6. Beautiful leaves, thank you for the pattern! Would you please like to share it at my link party (it's open until Sunday!)?
    Have a great day

  7. Pretty flower - and the leaves are nice. Thank you for sharing your pattern. Have a good day Preeti. :)

  8. I love these...especially like the stitching on the leaves. A very nice detail Pretti!

  9. Hello Preeti,
    Your leaves are gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing!! That is sweet of you!

  10. Love your flower and leaves Preeti. To complicated for me, I like to crochet plain old granny squares. lol


  11. The leaves are so cute! Tfs the pattern.:)

  12. Very beautiful leaves. I like to crochet leaves and flowers but bringing them together is the part I don't like. What r u planning to do with these flower and leaves?

  13. Olá amiga,Obrigada pela visitinha!!!Amo sua atenção!!!
    Amo crochê de todas as formas,lindos!!!
    Volte sempre!!!

    Beijos do Brasil, Marie.

  14. They look fantastic...thanks a lot for sharing the pattern :)

  15. Awesome! So, so adorable!Thanks for sharing.
    Hope you have a good week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  16. Super nice, Preeti!! ♥ Thank you very much for sharing the pattern :-))


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