Friday 10 January 2014

2014 Turtle Trot January update !!

Hope you all have kick started your new year with lots of planning :) I don’t make any resolutions because they remind me to do some more tasks…he..he….My plans, if set for weekends, fail most of the time . So, forget about planning for entire year :)

But yes, my Turtle Trot cross stitch SAL keeps a check on my crochetoholism with some stitching planned for entire year. To know about this SAL, click here and to know about my planned projects, click here.

By 10th of every month, we show progress on our 10 chosen projects .  This time I will put only the progress images to keep the number of images less and will number those in the right order as per my turtle trot 2014 page on top menu bar so that you may see and make out how wonderful my teeny-weeny stitches will look when done :)

Status as of now…….

1. Ladybird fairy by Joan Elliott 

Started new

2. Jungle Japes (height chart) by Durene Jones

Started new

3. Easter Chicks by Belle & Boo

Started new

4. Happy Days by Felicity Hall
The original design have a rustic finish but I am no fan of such things, so I decided to make it bright . It is on 11 count aida fabric done with 6 strands . Both Easter chicks (the top image) and this one are on cream colored fabric which isn't much visible in images .

Started new

5. Blue tit by Lesley Teare

Started new

6. Glamour puss by Margaret Sherry
I did a cross stitch marathon on these and made some mistakes too. Sorry the picture is blur but I am glad it hides my mistakes ;)

Started new

7. Humming Bird Quartet by Frankie Buckley

8. Hydrangea by Barbara Baatz Hillman

9. Floral Border from Variegated floral border by Leisure arts

10. Nature’s charm by Dimensions

From next month, I will show the before and after both images . I managed to stitch on all 8 pieces and only very few stitches on the last 2 projects . Now I am back to crocheting for at least 1 week .

Have a nice weekend!!
Preeti :)



  1. They all look very promising and the colours are lovely....I agree about the rustic colours!
    I must say I do like cross-stitch as you can get such neat results. I have done quite a bit in the past but my eyesight can't put up with it now. I really should go for a check-up and new glasses...which would probably do the trick. I just find crochet so comfy!!!

    Many thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments on several of my posts. I do try to keep up but work unfortunately has to come first.

    Keep well

    Amanda x

  2. It's strarting well...
    Have a nice weekend !

  3. Great starts. Look forward to seeing your progress this year.


  4. They all are looking great! Hopefully we will both make some good progress with our choices this year :D

  5. Love all your colorful projects and will look forward to following your progress throughout the year!

  6. Hello I saw your post on my Turtle Trot and decided to trot on over. You have a beautiful blog. I'm a new follower. Good luck on all your gorgeous projects. I look forward to watching your progress.

  7. Lovely beginnings-I really like the colours and the details :-) I've never been any good at cross stitch, I don't have the patience for it but you've got a beautiful talent there :-) Happy New Year to you and your family and wishing all the best for your creative endeavours this year! xx

  8. I love all your Turtle Trot choices Preeti. I know you are going to keep up with me this year. I love the bright colors in Happy Days.


  9. Beautiful stitches and lots of them, Preeti. Well done! [I don't see any mistakes :) ] xx

  10. Lovely progress and designs. I really think the Margaret Sherry is do cute.

  11. So many wips on your hands!!! Looking forward to see them grow :) especially number 6! Heheheheh

  12. Most of them, you started new.. great job..
    Can't wait too see what you will do with hem this months.. can't wait or the next..
    next year I'm doing with you..

  13. they are all looking great sweetie, you definitely did a very good choice =)
    can't wait to see more of 1 & 6 =)
    happy stitching

  14. Great choices. Can't wait to see your progress over the year with these lovely designs :)

  15. Your work is gorgeous! Love the Hydrangea (because it was my wedding flower…). Good luck reducing your WIPs.

  16. No. 8 is great. I like how the colour blends into other. Thanks, Preethi.


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