Saturday 18 October 2014

MMMM SAL, 3rd mini finished :)

Thank you for your kind comments on my big crochet cushion :) Others are on their way to completion .

I have completed my 3rd mini as part of MMMM SAL hosted by 'Pull the other thread'. To know about this SAL and the members who joined, click here .

mini cross stitch

You can see my previous minis @ Mini 1 and Mini2 .

I changed the colors of the Sofa to slightly brighter shades . I love the cute designs by Mary Engelbreit . Isn't the tiny cushion lovely ?

 I will not be able to stitch next week, Diwali festival preparations have been started and Anshita is eagerly waiting to buy lamps and crackers :)

I haven't been getting enough time to reply to your comments on email other than if there is any query and whatever time I have I prefer reading your blogs and commenting there . Hope you wont mind .

I  touched 2014 pins (in the year 2014) last month on my pinterest board !! I know, nothing great about it but it takes quite a long time for me to choose something to pin/repin . If you would like to have a look, check here . I don't expect you to follow me, I just wanted to share my finds with you all. I don't bother about statistics on pinterest, its for fun!!  Repin if you like something on my boards, I can then visit and see yours as well . Don't go over by my 'Likes', they are clicked accidently when my page on iPad refreshes . I like all the pins I have on my boards :)

Enjoy your weekend !!



  1. Super cute !!!!
    Have a nice weekend !

  2. Congrats on the really cute finish Preeti. What a fun design and I like the colors.


  3. What a beautiful little finish!

  4. What a sweet little design, the colours are lovely.

  5. I love the colours you have chosen....another great finish!

  6. I love Pinterest and I am now following you. I tend to use it for fun and for gathering things together and for a bit of business promotion. My brother in law couldn't believe how many pins I had. I think he thinks I spend all day on it but I don't..they've just built up gradually. Have a great day. X

  7. cute SAL piece!!
    good luck with it all what you have to do!!
    Sounds fun!!

    I'm happy you gave me your Pinterest, I'm really addicted to it..
    Just went looking how many pins I made.. 2527.. ow my..
    I love pinning, I can do it for hours.. so many great idea's too make, so little time to really make them!!!!!!

  8. This is lovely the cushion looks so realistic. :)

  9. what a cute design, nice work, Preeti

  10. Very pretty stitching, Preeti! I look forward to seeing your pins :-) xx

  11. Ah Preeti....that is so cute! The pillow reminds me of your crochet one :)
    Happy Diwali for Thursday! I can imagine that you'll be very busy this week indeed!

  12. Hi Preeti.
    How many time ?????
    Very nice Sal, ist my favorite colors.

  13. A sweet colourful finish, well done!

  14. Your sofa chair finish is adorable Preeti! I love the colors you chose. Happy early Diwali!

  15. This is so cute, and yes, I love that little cushion! Adorable! :)

  16. I love these little mini pictures, very pretty :)

  17. Your small sofa with cushion soo cute & pretty. Aap yeh sab kaise kar lete ho ?:)

  18. Fantastic piece. I love the bright colors you picked.

  19. How sweet!! Great job, Preeti :D


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