Friday 23 January 2015

Miscellaneous: Sulking, award, harvesting, boring


Its been quite a while I have not posted .  I hope you will put up with my ramblings .

Raj went to Seattle (U.S.) last week and I was sulking for few days at home . I terribly missed him and I was going through emotional disturbance . My mom daily called me twice a day and I cried all the time talking to her . Anshita took great care of me by giving emotional support and playing with me . She is a lovely and caring daughter . I was not like her and was always a difficult child for my mom .

I felt so bad that I did not feel like having coffee or any food at all . I felt more lonely after Anshita left for school . Then Raj asked me to forcefully make a cup of coffee and that we will have it on google hangouts . It was the first time I came on hangouts else I am a camera shy person and prefer chat and phone call instead . It was past dinner time for him .  Then started my regular morning coffee sessions on hangouts with him and I came back to normal routine .

Then, what happened......
My mom stopped calling me thinking that I am done with my tantrums and that calling once in 2-3 days is fine .
Anshita was relieved to see that her mom is not going mad crying the whole day .
But Raj continued with the coffee hangouts . It is sinful for him to now break the session .

So there goes the story . Slowly I picked up on my blog reading too .

Also, I got a blog award from Anna of Annasimplecrochet. Thank you , Anna!! but sorry dear I am very bad at doing Q&A homework . I am so grateful that you remembered me:) And thank you for being always with me since we met on the blogland .

I harvested around 40 cherry tomatoes from my small container plant . They tasted sweet! I did not look after the plants and have not fed them any compost for past one month , still they rewarded me with a bountiful harvest .

As for the boring part, I am making this doily with disconnected color scheme . The colors aren't as per my taste .

I have few friends joining the Messy-to-Classy link party and I need to put up first post on it next week . I was in no mood to post this month but seeing my lovely friends standing up for me , I decided it would be very unprofessional and bad on my part not to post about it . Hopefully, by 26th I will have my January link ready.

Have a nice weekend!!

P.S. : Needless to say, Raj broke his coffee session today morning and instead went out to dinner with his colleagues . I am back to my sulking for a day again and he is repenting on why did he trade 30 min. of coffee session with 2 hours of consoling.


  1. Preeti: I am like you, when Mike leaves town for work I am in the dumps, feeling so lonely, he calls me a couple times a day.
    Love the doily the colors are so vibrant.

    Happy Stitching

  2. Oh, it is so tough! I hope you feel better soon.

    These sweeties look beautiful!

  3. I hope you feel better soon
    Crochet ..big hugs x

  4. Oh Preeti what can I say, I'm always glad to have time to myself but everyone is different, he will be home soon I'm sure, you still have all your blogging friends to talk to, your tomatoes look yummy, home grown are always the best. xxx

  5. Oh, dear Pretti, I am sorry that you are sad: - (((
    When returns Raj?
    Your daughter is great, it helps you!
    Mom means well. I want the phone to mom, but this is not possible, is not among us: - ((((

  6. The doily is gorgeous Preeti and I think the colors look great together. I'm sorry that you're sad about Raj being gone. I don't blame you. I hate it when John has to work nights. Hang in there, he will be home soon.


  7. Beautiful doily. waiting to see the finished one soon. I too feel lonely but needle, thread, yarns fills up that empty space. Otherwise I will go mad. Try to engage yourself.

  8. What a colorful doily !!!!
    Thanks for your kind words !
    Have a great weekend !

  9. It's too bad that he has to be away so long and you miss him so much. I hope you start feeling better.

  10. Sorry you are so sad but you have your daughter around and so many crafty things to do and blogging friends. Love your crochet, very pretty

  11. Hi Preeti !!!

    Sorry to hear about your situation,but then your are lucky to have so many loving people around you.. who loves you and care for you and who gets upset when you are sad. Hopefully you will come out of this soon. Your doily is looking great.
    Have a nice day!:)

  12. Hope you return back to your normal self soon. Very sweet of your daughter. I think the doily looks great! Also, congrats on your pattern getting published in a magazine.

  13. Oh dear, I shouldn't laugh at your sulks but at least you feel better now. Your daughter is such a sweet child. My older son is like that too, he always gives me a hug when I look down.

  14. Oh dear! Hope you feel better soon :)
    Your little girl is a little angel for looking after you!

  15. Difficult to be alone. DH and I are together 24 hours a day. I not be happy to be by my self....
    Keep hanging out


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