Tuesday 11 August 2015

Days of grumblings and ramblings......

Thanks for your comments on my first needle book :) I will definitely share the steps to make those by...umm...maybe 2020 :)

As the title suggests, I have a lot to share and I hope by the end of this post, I will feel much better. Don't worry, in between I will flash some crafty things to keep you entertained.

Last week I was making a long vacation plan for October and I was hooked on to internet so much that I was just a few steps away from becoming a travel agent. So, no crafting :( I also played 'frustration unlimited' in between to make things worse.

So much did I use the internet that it caused a breakdown of wi-fi router by Friday evening and I was cut off from the blog land.

I made these stars in February this year which were waiting for a dazzling photo shoot but I ended up taking simple pics when the internet was not working.

I saw the pattern on internet and it is made with a silky pearl thread that we get in cones and 1.5 mm hook size.

There was an urgent need of wooden work in the bedroom balcony which started on Saturday and since the guys were cutting the plys in the corridor we were supposed to keep the front doors open. Above all, the society's corridor painting work was going on for which the workers were scraping the walls. Wood and paint dust made the house look like it was hit by a dust storm even though it was raining outside. Those guys were moving in and out frequently, so we could not watch TV and since the entire house was exposed to dust, I did not do any stitching as well .

Sunday went into cleaning. The internet guys could not resolve the issue so they took away the router and fixed a temporary one.  Since those guys were coming on Monday again and knowing that I will crack a whip and make the technicians run for their life, Raj decided to work from home and take things under his control. Good that he understands me in all these years. Also the wood work and painting continued on Monday as well. So more dust storms.

No TV, no internet, no stitching, dust and so much work everywhere  made me irritated  and for few days I was inspired by this.

But the good part was that Anshita had a day off on Monday due to a local festival and I spent most of my time playing board games with her.

While searching for a yarn, I took out one of my old projects which I had given up long back owing to the wrong gauge. Raj liked it very much and then I just finished whatever size it was in. I had plans to make it bigger.

I don't remember the hook size I used but I wanted to use the eyelash yarn. It was supposed to be made into a rug for Anshita's room.

On gardening front, the overall picture is gloomy. There are many plants waiting for transplanting.  I am celebrating those tiny flowers on Impatiens as if I am growing Orchids :)

However, I harvested fresh spinach from my garden.

I hope to recover and revitalize this week and will show you few more small crochet things I made and some stitchy progress too :))

Thanks for being there for me !!


  1. you need a very good rest after all that confusion !!!!
    Take care of yourself, xxxxx Ale
    …. love your colourful stars, a lot!!!!

  2. Love your stars, they are beautiful and the mat is gorgeous. I fancy doing a bit of crochet too at the moment. Sorry to hear of the Internet ordeal, I hate it when things go wrong and I have no idea how to put them right and have to call the technicians in.

  3. So much going on Preeti! I love your stars and doily. It's so frustrating when the internet goes down I hope you get it all fixed really soon, I have someone fixing my bathroom at the moment so the water supply is switched off, I hate disruption. :) xx

  4. Ooh, felt like detox when I got cut off from internet months ago, I'm with u, just hang in there amidst all the chaos:) Love those stars, so neat and colorful, the mat looks great, are u going to make it bigger? Won't be long now and you'll be back making wonderful projects by dozens:)

  5. Sorry you've been having all these distractions Preeti. If I was kept from my crochet, I would most likely have a fit of some kind. I really like the stars and the table mat - very nice. I have a few plants that need tending too - I really should get on that. Have a good day. :)

  6. It sounds like you've had a busy, confusing month, Preeti! I hope things settle down and you'll have more time for your crafting very soon. Your stars are so pretty and your fresh spinach looks very tasty. Our garden has been horrible this year--way too much rain in the beginning of the summer and now everything is as dry as a bone... My husband is about to give up on gardening :(

  7. Sounds so awful! Love those stars and the incomplete rug. I gave up gardening long ago but your fresh spinach tempts me.

  8. Just think about when it's all over how great everything will be. Hang in there Preeti.


  9. I hope this week goes easier for you and all the work is done. Your stars and newly finished WIP are beautiful!

  10. Oh, dear Preeti, that you had a busy day! You will have everything beautiful in the apartment!
    I like your blanket !!!
    I send cordial greetings!

  11. Oh so much chaos going on...I hope its over soon and things get back to normal.
    Your stars are so lovely as is the doily.

  12. Once the dust settles, I'm sure you'll soon feel like your creative self! Love those colorful stars! :)

  13. Playing frustration unlimited made me smile. Not because you have been having so much stuff going on but because sometimes I feel the same way. I like the quote and I LOVE the crocheted stars! Hope your coming days are much better and that you find encouragement from your blogging friends who think you are sweet and talented!

  14. All the crochet projects are lovely. It does sound like you have had a very frustrating week. I hope things are much better soon.

  15. Ooo look at those crochet stars! Are you planning something for them or just gonna make a bunch of stars because stars are pretty? :DI think the unfinished finish looks amazing as is, I can see why Raj liked it.

    I too would be out with whips if the Internet stopped working at our house haha. It's crappy most of the time but at least it functions.

  16. frustration unlimited - same pinch preeti. hope everything will be alright soon. Crochet star is really beautiful. Please give me the llink for the pattern so that I will make it for christmas.Star shaped doily is also nice. I too have two balls of yarn like that pink one, which my co-sis got it from US. Should we use it like ordinary yarn? It's in my stash for a long time now knowing what to do with it.

  17. Lovely stars!!
    Cheer up Preeti !!

  18. Hope your week is going much better so far. Wow! that is a great harvest of spinach.

  19. Hi, I love your stars too, I can't see the real measures, but it seems also to be a great potholder for me:) byebye

  20. Hi, I love your stars too, I can't see the real measures, but it seems also to be a great potholder for me:) byebye

  21. Gosh, you have had a very Up and Down kind of week!
    The stars are lovely though. Pretty colours.

  22. The crochet stars and mat looks lovely! I'm sure freshly picked spinach from your garden makes it way more delicious :)

  23. These stars shine bright and lovely.

  24. The stars are looking nice , but the blue mat is my favourite... bright & colourful !!!:). Spinach looks fresh. Growing veggies in your garden gives you another kind of satisfaction and happiness. Someday if I get enough space I plan to do the same :)

  25. Agree with Raj, that is a beautiful table mat!
    Wow, can i relate to internet off line frustration... Happy you made it back to blog land!
    Can not imagine the dust and dirt you have to clean from open doors. Hope you can get things back in order very soon. Chaos is very stressful.

  26. Spinach???????????????????????????? Your crazy????
    I really really really don't like spinach.. Now At my job I need to cook it every week, but I don't eat it.
    You had a busy week.. ow my.. hope the next will be better.
    Your stars look so great, they need to be very small, on hook 1,5.. what will do you do with them?

    Your doily looks great, I can imagine your hubby like sit very much.
    I can't wait too see what next week will bring on your blog?
    Have a great week, hop you have better weather then I.. but I think you will.. .. :)

  27. Your crochet looks great (as always). I know, planning a vacation can take a lot of time. I am on a holiday right now, writing on your blog:-)
    Curious to see were you will be going but i am sure we will see all about it on this blog.

  28. Love those stars and i also love spinach but mine didn't germinate this year - sigh! I love it in curry or soup. Jo x

  29. I hope things have settled down now and everything is fine Preeti. I love those stars. I think I have also saved the pattern somewhere for them. Too many patterns too little time haha.
    Yay for the spinach harvest. I love spinach :)

  30. Fantastic stars! I love especially the five-pointed ones on the first photos ♥. Do you remember where to find the pattern?
    Hugs, Nata

  31. These stars look great! I struggled to read your fancy font though on my small screen.

  32. Love those colorful stars. What are you planning to make them into?
    Hope you will show us you balcony too :-)


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