Friday 18 September 2015

I am crafting too :)

This year I have not been blogging much and when I see my old posts, I haven't been showing much either . I guess I am becoming lazy to show my progress pictures and I wait until I am done with my WIP . Anyways , just wanted to let you know that I am not just shopping but crafting too :)

Here is something I made a little while ago .

These bracelet kind of things are called Rakhis. We have this brother-sister festival named Rakshabandhan where a sister ties a Rakhi on her brother's wrist and asks for lot of gifts in return....just kidding ;) The brothers are supposed to be taking care of their sister's safety in return for this bonding . It is related to a historical story where a Hindu Queen sends a bracelet to a Muslim ruler to save her from another Muslim ruler who was planning to invade her kingdom . Touched by the gesture , he sent his army to save her . There are other stories too. Since then it is celebrated as a brother-sister bonding festival . We sure do get gifts from brothers on this day .

Most of these I send to my brothers and Anshita's too through post so they need to be light weight . I made crocheted ones this time . Anshita made the doodle drawings on the back side of printed card stocks . I folded them half and tied these Rakhis inside making holes for the ends .

Can you see the holes ? I made those with a hand shaped puncher . Anyways , my brothers don't have observant eyes to notice , I just enjoyed the process of making :) 

I also made this drawer hanging for the small temple corner at home . For some reasons, the top drawer would not stay close even after repairing and would slide open . This hanging acts as a stopper between the two drawers . The back side , which is inside the drawer , is a plain thick crochet band .

On the stitching front , I have been stitching only on one piece for past few busy weeks and I am glad that I made substantial progress . I completed the Tiger and some green on the left . That must be few thousand stitches . Last I had shown you was the Koala on the top. I have not done the back stitching yet so the Tiger is having pink cheeks but is on the wait for his grand mustaches :) This is a design - 'Height chart ' - by Durene Jones from the magazine, Cross Stitch Gold, February 2013 issue .

Some Zinnia flowers in my garden, they are doing great !! :)

This one is still growing layers

We had a religious festival 'Ganesh Chaturthi' starting on Thursday and for many people it continues for 10 days . But we observe it for 5 days and everyday we need to cook something sweet to offer to God . Anshita's 1st term exams also started from today . Busy times again but I am glad that I am able to find some time for crafting in between :) 

Have a great weekend!!
Preeti :)


  1. Hello, as a fan of stars.... I love your stars! byebye Francien

  2. Pretty bracelets! ♥ And what a nice story behind. Anshita made wonderful drawings, applause! I'm sure the brothers will love these sweet gifts. Happy Rakshabandhan! And Happy Ganesh Chaturthi, too :-). The stopper for the drawer is beautiful, what a great idea! Nice and useful both in one. Sweet embroidery! And wonderful Zinia, great to have these colors around although summer is leaving. Have a nice weekend! Nata xxx

  3. The bracelets are lovely, I enjoyed learning about the festival. I love the drawer hanger too, I've got a drawer that won't stay shut and I've always used a piece of folded paper to wedge it closed, your idea is much prettier

  4. Beautiful rakhis and doodles. i used to make rakhis by hand in childhood, these days its just online selection.
    Ganpati bappa morya.I made modaks yesterdays but I'm missing the festivities of Pune.

  5. Beautiful rakhis and I love the cards you made to go with them! Thanks for telling us about this festival and Ganesh Chaturthi as well. Very interesting. Happy crafting to you and Anshita too.

  6. The bracelets are so sweet. I have to get my brother in on this tradition!

    Very clever and pretty idea for fixing the problem with drawers. You are very inventive!

    Your x-stitched piece is looking good. I'm always amazed when I estimate the number of stitches that go into these pieces!

  7. Lots of beautiful things going on. Everything looks wonderful!

  8. The bracelets looks very pretty - and your cross stitch is looking nice so far. :)

  9. Pretty rakhis. The cross stitch is coming along well. I like your crochet flowers as well as the real flowers.

  10. Lovely bracelets, lovely story....beautiful cross stitches...
    Have a creative weekend !

  11. Love the bracelets and your stitching Preeti.


  12. Thanks for telling us a little about your traditions, and those are great bracelets and fantastic drawings! Nice progress on your height chart as well.

  13. Hi Preeti! Thanks for catching us up on some more of your news and creative projects. Your drawer stopper is so pretty and clever and I love the beautiful bracelet gifts and the interesting story behind them. Good progress on your cross-stitch! Wishing you and yours a happy weekend! xx

  14. Hi, Preeti!
    Thanks for sharing your these lovely crafted peaces and news of your life with us. It is fascinating to read about it.

  15. Lovely flowers!
    Smart idea to make the drawer stopper, I think it will work very well ;-)

  16. Thank you so much for sharing information about all the interesting festivals. The flowers are so pretty!

  17. All your work is lovely Preeti, I'm like you sometimes I make something and have even sent it on to a charity before realizing I hadn't even taken a photo of it never mind blogged about it. Blogging is fun when you have the time and nothing else on your mind. Your flowers are pretty and it was lovely to read about the festival. Have a great weekend :) xx

  18. Your rakhis are very beautiful as well as the cards, such a sweet gesture! Lovely progress on the Height chart, it's so cute. Nice to end a blog read with pretty flowers!

  19. Love the rakhis and the flowers in drawer hanging looks pretty! Happy Ganesh chadhurthi. Hope you are having loads of fun :)

  20. What a lovely tradtion.
    You made it al so beautifull!!
    Real great.
    and also have time to stitch.. your a busy woman

  21. Pretty rankhis and what a lovely tradition. I like how you have sent them on printed cards also the drawer hanging is a good idea and decorative.

  22. I like the star shapes of the Rakhis and the special cards are brilliant.

  23. What an interesting festival and the Rakhis are so pretty, Preeti. Lovely cards that you and your daughter created, too!

  24. Your flower garden is amazing!
    Love the story of the bracelets. Your daughter did a fantastic job with cards. A wonderful way to display/gift your beautiful bracelets. Love tye butterfly drawer stop. Great idea.
    Congrats on finishing tiger. Very cute design!

  25. What a lovely way to recognise sibling love :o)
    Gorgeous bracelets - love who you packaged them up for their travels!
    hugs xx

  26. How sweet to hear about this tradition:-)
    You made pretty bracelets, sure they all loved them!
    The stitching is going very well too, happy stitching!

  27. Hi Preeti,
    I love these pretty bracelets you made!
    Enjoy your crafting.

  28. Love the crochet rakhis preeti..hope to make them one day! The drawer hanger is lovely. .nice way to add some fun color to the drawers


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