Tuesday 24 November 2015

Vacation part 2 : Mountains and greenery ! :)

Thank you for seeing pictures on my last post :) I was waiting if I could show you some crafty progress as well but no luck :(

I have another set of vacation pics to share......hope you don't get bored .

Entering the backwaters of Kerala surrounded by greenery .....

These are traditional houseboats - a house on a boat - which can be booked for entire day cruise through lake and backwaters. We did not have a spare day so we went into the Shikara boat (another traditional boat) for 3 hours.

Shikara boat - with 4/6 seater, to be booked for a family/group. They have old style of long  wooden boat with curved ends as you saw one end in the first image.

On the way, there were innumerable coconut trees laden with coconuts .

and banana trees too .

There were - homes, guest houses and hotels on either sides of backwaters

Ducks joining our boat ride :)

At one place , there were many lotuses . When pulled out, some of them had stems running even six feet long. Ok , I have always seen lotus from a distance but never took in hand . Have you ?

Over to mountains : This is a hill station named Munnar in the same state as backwaters. It is located at a height of  5200 ft. above sea level .

View from the sit-out of our hotel room

Farming in the valley

The weather changed every few hours....Sometimes very cloudy

Then.....so clear

Lush tea gardens

 Walk through the tea gardens

Hope you enjoyed these as well.

Thanks for scrolling till the end !! :)


  1. Beautiful places and beautiful pictures !!!
    Thanks for sharing !
    Have a nice day !

  2. Gorgeous photos in this and your first post, what a beautiful vacation area!!

  3. I really enjoyed the pictures! Those just make you wonder of all the natural beauty around us. Love love those mountain views you took:)

  4. Wow, Preeti, I'm excited !!!
    Beautiful nature and coconuts, bananas, lotus flowers, all really like!
    I would like you to walk around the tea garden to pluck some fresh young leaves for tea. It would be the fulfillment of my dreams because I love tea gardens, only from documentaries them know :-)
    I look forward to continuing!

  5. What a beautiful place Preeti. I think looking at nature is so calming. Good for the soul - even to see the photos!

  6. Just so beautiful. I have really enjoyed seeing the photos from your trip!!!! As I said before, I will probably never see these places in person so thanks so much for sharing .

  7. Not the least boring, Preeti. The coconut palms reminded me that when my youngest daughter visited Fiji she reported she saw signs warning folks to beware of falling coconuts lest one get hit by a coconut and die...a threat I never considered! The green valley with fog photo reminded me of visiting South Korea in July. Thanks for sharing some of the beautiful sights you saw! xx

  8. Kerala is such a beautiful place. Although I've visited lots of places there before, i'm yet to ride on the traditional houseboats. Maybe someday:) all the pictures are lovely!

  9. Hi Preeti !!! I have heard that kerala is beautiful and looking at the pics ... it truely is.. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Hi Preeti !!! I have heard that kerala is beautiful and looking at the pics ... it truely is.. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Preeti: I love seeing your pictures what a lovely vacation you had.
    Thank-you for sharing with us.


  12. What gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing. Love the pics of the backwaters of Kerala, can just imagine the crocodiles sunning themselves on the river banks.!! lovely guests houses and hotels.

  13. Oh Preeti you are making me miss India! Beautiful pictures

  14. I've really enjoyed looking at your vacation pictures Preeti, so beautiful and different from any where I have ever been before. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  15. Absolutely beautiful photos. I can almost feel the atmosphere of being among the mist and clouds! :)

  16. hope you had a nice vacation. I am from Kuttanad(backwaters) feel so good seeing ur pics

  17. Beautiful photos!!! so much green makes me smile =)))))
    Hope you had a wonderful time :D


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