Tuesday 9 February 2016

Just to say hi, a bit long one !! :)

Thanks for your lovely comments on my doily in the last post !! I enjoyed making it :)
This is a loooooooooong post . Make sure you have enough time and not going to bed . Don't worry, you aren't going to get anything out of it, so if you want to miss, just miss it :) I forgot to write about my Birthday plans and last post was a bit of quick one so I will share it in the end of this post . Nothing much, just random chat:)

I did not make much progress on stitching but I am done with my secret crochet gift and it has been posted too ! I hope the recipient will be happy :)  I cannot show you until she receives .

This is where I have reached as far as stitching is concerned, did some more coloring in the flower . It is big (around 4 inches) so it is taking time .

I was bored with only animal stitching so I took my Lady Bird fairy yesterday and could manage only few stitches - the yellow ones in the bottom .

I have also opened a new Ravelry account for my new crochet pattern website . So those who are on Ravelry can reach me here .  And one facebook page too . I am a very lazy facebook user, I don't use even the personal one for weeks . I just call my best school friends on their Bdays . And most of my cousins call me on my Bday if they are in India. Those in the US, depends on their mood and time else I am as happy to receive a personal email too. So those who have a facebook page for their crafty things, reach me here and I will be glad to reach you :)

Now about the Bday plan. Well, it started with what I want or what I want Raj & my mom to give me  :) . My mom doesn't take the risk of trying on her own for the fact that I wanted a big gift for my 40th and given the fact that I don't like Gold and Diamonds, it was difficult to find gifts . Anyways, I have told them that I will be happy to receive more number of small gifts than one huge gift .
So a budget was fixed because there were some known gifts I wanted to buy, nothing special, they could have been classified against my normal expenses/splurges as well. But when you say a Bday gift, you do it without guilt, isn't it ? :D

Hmmm....have you reached until here? I haven't even started :D
My planned gifts were definitely some books and crafty things, so I searched for lot of patterns and charts and spent many hours on the internet and then gave up :( I was surprised but each time I felt I wasn't convinced to buy anything . And at the end of each surfing session, it was like I have lots, I don't need anything . Then I decided that I will splurge half the amount and remaining half I will donate . But few days after I could not come up with even for half the budget. No, no, don't think the budget is huge . It is decent for a 40th B'day and is in Indian currency so no need to get jealous ;)

And since the budget was supposed to be inclusive of what Raj and Anshita want to give, I could not have been mean to spend all and go over budget to accommodate their gifts . But still being a little selfish, I wanted to have what I want and not just what I was being gifted. So I again turned greedy :) Finally, I decided to have what I want within the limit and leaving them some part of budget to use . Do you think why I am talking about budget for Bday gifts? That's because few years back we used to spend a lot on Bday gifts and then we thought it is not needed so just keep it simple every year unless it is a milestone Bday.

I have kept a basket and I am adding the known gifts as and when I am receiving those . When Anshita and Raj saw that, they started to put their gifts, one per day in the basket .  The next day, that gift is replaced with another :) Those are the teasers and I am not suppose to open until my Birthday. They didn't had any plans to put in basket though, basket was my girly way of enjoying but I guess he is doing that because Anshita is still not capable of keeping secrets smartly :)

You made it until here? You are the real friend ;) A friend who reads is a friend indeed :D

But do you think I forgot about the donating part I mentioned ? Nope, after all these tantrums, I decided that I will donate the equivalent amount of total gifts from my account . I know my expenses and it is upto Raj to tell me how much he want to add his. If he wants me to donate more, he have the option of inflating his budget :) In this way, I will keep track of not spending too much. Gift or donation, whatever, we will end up with double expense on family . My Birthday is on 13th, so we usually don't have any gifts left until Valentine day .

Yes, I am done now, tired, I need food :)

Have a nice day!


  1. Good progress.. Preeti enjoyed reading your post. As a crafter we r not satisfied with what we see. On every purchase of crafty goodies, I say this is enough for this year, but after someday if I come across those online shops I will order some more. When the parcel comes my kids will be eager to see what it is and my DH says it's all toys for mummy. They used to make fun of me whenever I receive a parcel.

    Advance b'day wishes. I hope u will get gifts u like from u'r family.

  2. Beautiful, bright and colorful stitching Preeti; both are coming along so nicely ♥

  3. Lovely stitching...
    40 this month for you, 50 this month for me...Hope you will receive what you really want !!! I think the basket for gifts is a brillant idea !!!!
    Have a fun day !

  4. You are getting gifts everyday! That's cool!

  5. I'm looking forward to see what you receive for your Bday. Happy Early Bday!

  6. I think you've faced the shopping dilemma that most of us face - we would like so many things but realistically can't justify buying them. It sounds as if you've been sensible with your purchases and generous with your donations. Now to wait for your post on 13th/14th to see your birthday goodies!! :)

  7. Your 40th birthday should be a special one, Preeti--and it sounds like it will be :) I, too, don't care for jewelry or diamonds. I'm much happier with many small gifts!

    Lovely stitching on both pieces--can't wait to see your gifts!

  8. Lovely stitching Preeti. Can't wait to see what you chose for your birthday!

  9. Beautiful stitching Preeti. Looking forward to seeing your birthday gifts.


  10. You are really busy with Loops and Binds.. I just shared your fb page on my fb.. really hope you will get a lot of followers!!

    I need to laugh about your writing..
    I saw it on my calender that it's your birthdat soon.. so great!!!!
    your plans really soon great. I needed to read it twice to understand it good.. can't wait till your post about it all!!
    Have so much fun, and strength (hihihihi) till your birthday good luck

  11. My dear girlfriend Preeti!
    I read everything, I understood someone, not something :-)))
    Darčer most beautiful is the love of husband and daughter! This will be most appreciated!
    I wish you a lot of love to 40, health and success!

  12. It's so funny when we suddenly have a reasonable amount of money to spend we can't decide what to spend it on!
    I hope you have enjoyed your browsing anyway and will love whatever you receive on the day.

  13. I think I would want notions over patterns, maybe. Like floss or fabric I couldn't normally find! But I am like you, I have enough as it is and should make use of it before getting more. But what are birthdays for if not to be spoiled! :) I would be so impatient with the gifts leading up to my birthday haha.

  14. You have made good progress on your cross stitch pieces.
    It was fun to read about your dilemma of what to buy for the special birthday.
    I,too don't like gold and diamonds so I get those stares from my family "Are you crazy"?

  15. I'm always a fan of your cross stitch works. So no need to tell anything about that.
    And loved that gift basket ...the way you enjoy your moments is amazing. Best wishes to your birthday and wish all that you want in life including the crafty things you want.

  16. Hi Preeti! Phew... :) Yes, I read it all. I think I will give a good thought on my 40th bday, seeing how seriously you took it :))
    Have a great celebration with your family!!! Enjoy!
    It's ok, your cross stitch projects look promising, keep it up!

  17. Great stitching! Have a lovely birthday

  18. Your Lady Bird fairy looks so magic. I hope you'll finish it soon. It curious to see the end.

  19. Curious about your gift and decisions...

  20. Wow having trouble with what to choose, bet it's quite a budget, still, it's so nice of you to donate, wishing you more blessings on your birthday. Ladybird fairy looks gorgeous:)

  21. Nice post Preeti. Hope you get what you wanted on your birthday. Do share later how did it went, and have a wonderful birthday.

  22. Preeti you have my head spinning, I'm so glad that you reached a decision about your gifts in the end. I usually ask for a voucher or money and then I can spend it when I want and on what I want. Your stitching is lovely! I hope you have a fabulous birthday on Saturday, enjoy your celebrations and show us what you received. :) xxx

  23. What fun! I enjoyed this post and your thinking about your birthday wishes, Preeti. I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration on the 13th and that your 40th year will be filled with happy creativity :) xx

  24. I think it is sweet of you to also donate in honor of your birthday. :)


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