Wednesday 8 June 2016

A little stitching and vacation part-2.....

Thanks for seeing the pics on my last post , I am still going to bother you with few more in forthcoming posts :) I usually give up the fight for selecting pics after two sets of posts but this time I am thinking of being a relentless blogger bombarding with lots of images :))

First up , my little but some progress on height chart

stitched on left side of the tree bark . This tree is a bit boring . Many times I feel like doing patchwork or paint the entire tree (mixed media). This confirms that I will never have patience for HAEDs .

On the way to Blue Mountains , we went to Featherdale wild life park to see the Australian wild animals .

The shy Koalas

Can you spot this one?

Most of them were sleeping

Look at this one - all rolled up :)

Only this one was up 

You were allowed to touch , one at a time while the Koala kept on munching his healthy breakfast 

and feed Kangaroos too :) These were smaller species

These ones were the heavier and big

Raj with the smallest species of 8 years old Python . Yikes !!

Wombat !! I liked these ones :) They are kind of giant rats .

There were many owls . 

Awww.....these small penguins were so cute !! These penguins live at the coastal area of Phillip island, a 150 km drive from Melbourne city . We saw those in their natural wild habitat also when we went on a special tour called 'Penguin Parade' where you can see hundreds of these returning from ocean to their homes in the evening . 

A Cockatoo, getting himself petted by Anshita . Lovely Bird :) 

Southern Cassowary, an endangered bird. The male Cassowary raises the babies alone . Don't know why, but I remembered this fact only which Raj feels is a bad knowledge gain :)

In Sydney, we also went to Sealife Acquarium, Madam Tussauds and one more small zoo . Madam Tussauds is similar everywhere so I am not sharing any pics here , will see if I find any specific ones .

I liked these jelly fishes in the aquarium , The colors changed with the lights and I loved seeing those . Their center looks like a button

Some more penguins in the Aquarium :)

 Queen Victoria building , built in 1890, inside of which is now a shopping mall . It still has old stained glass windows and dome . I liked the clock on the left. I don't have good pictures for this, you can see more here 

We mostly booked private taxis for sight seeing because this trip was meant more for taking my mom on a foreign trip and she cannot walk much because of her knee problem so our itinerary was only main tourist spots . There were Hop-on Hop-off buses to watch more .

I could not keep my promise of sharing yarn shopping as I still need to segregate some more pics . Anyways I did my shopping in Melbourne and now that I am done with Sydney so next is Melbourne :)

Have a great day!


  1. Featherdale wildlife park is great, isn't it, Preeti. I've been there several times. I've never touched any snakes, though. I often visit the Queen Victoria Building when in Sydney. Looks like you've had a fab time.

  2. Good progress preeti. The koalas are so cute On seeing these animals I was reminded of kola urundai(like the rolled up koala) a snack made with mutton kheema. All the pictures are nice. python in hands... OMG I am afraid. waiting to see your yarn shopping.

  3. Really enjoyed your photos from your trip, Preeti--I so hope to visit Australia some day. The koalas are my favorites--the pythons not so much... And the penguins always make me smile :)

    Nice progress on your height chart! Hope your month of June is going well!

  4. Great pictures !! Thnaks for sharing !

  5. Wow! That is so neat to see and interact with so many animals! Great work on the chart as well.

  6. Wow, Preeti, embroidery is gorgeous !!! There are many, many crosses!
    I've waited for the continuation of your vacation. I'm glad to see the place where I will never get. Anschita is a beautiful young lady! Raj is a brave man - a python on hand Brrrr :-)
    Shopping center in a historical building is beautiful!
    I look forward to continuing!

  7. Keep those pictures coming. Love koala and penguins are my fav ...

  8. Ahoj Preety,
    nádherné fotky rodinky a zvierat... Určite navždy krásny zážitok.

  9. Oh Preeti, I always love the pictures from your trip. These were fascinating! Raj is a brave man with that snake!!!! I am assuming that was your very pretty daughter. I will go back and look at the beginning photos and look forward to more.

  10. Preeti, your stitching is coming alone nicely.
    And those are fun vacation photos!

  11. Koalas here and there... thanks for sharing!

  12. Great pictures from some of Australia's wildlife. And nice progress on your stitching project.

  13. I don't like stitching those big solid color blocks either. Makes me feel like I'm a machine. But sometimes ya just gotta do it!

    Love the photos. Such cute Koalas and penguins!

  14. Wow, i live the cute koalas, penguins and those jellyfish look awesome. Yikes, snakes, what was Raj thnking! I love pictures of ceilings or architectural structures too! Looking forward to more pics:) great stitching progress, keep it up.

  15. Wonderful pictures....though I must say - I sped past the snake - YIKES!

  16. Thanks for sharing your holiday impressions, Preeti! The wombats are sweet, yes. They remind me of a TV series called "Die Wombels / The Wombles" we saw in childhood ;-).
    Nata xxx

  17. Your stitching chart is looking great ( i admire your patience) I personally can never take up a project like this :).... Vacation pics are lovely. Koalas & Penguins are my favourite.....Thanks for sharing:)

  18. I've really enjoyed your vacation pictures, Preeti! The jelly fish are so pretty and I love the penguins - cute! Lovely stitching on your height chart! : )

  19. I can understand how stitching the tree trunk might be boring, but I admire your skill and your determination to do it! I enjoyed seeing your trip photos, too, especially the ones with pretty Anshita petting the koala and the kangaroo. I just got back from camping in a forest east of here for ten days. We had lovely sunny sometimes hot weather and saw some deer, and bald eagles...not petable :) xx

  20. Oh I love wombats!! They're my favourite Australian animal :)
    That tree trunk is coming along nicely!

  21. Lovely vacation photos. Seems like you had a wonderful time there:)

  22. What wonderful photos, loved seeing all the animals and good progress on the height chart.

  23. I am so jealous of your vacation! Keep having an awesome time. :)

  24. Your height chart is looking so cute, looking forward to seeing it finishes.

  25. I love the pictures of the zoo but I'm not so keen on the snake ahhh! Your sewing is coming on a treat. :) xx


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