Wednesday 17 August 2016

Ravellenics Games update and a gift :)

Thanks for your comment on my last post ! :)

I have been crocheting more than stitching since I participated in the Ravellenics games on Ravelry and completed the front of one more cushion using arrow stitch . I shared the first cushion here .

I have used premier cotton yarns and 4 mm hook and here is the pattern for this . I need to weave-in the threads and hand sew all five of them onto fabric cushions which I will sew on the machine this weekend most probably .

As some of you know  my blogger friend Kim from Wisdom with Needle and Thread is celebrating her 60th Bday , I became one of the proud owners of her RAK gifts . Here is my lovely package :)

Hand painted Porcelain Trinket box , Mill Hill kit, Threads and vintage printed Windham fabric .

Kim painted the porcelain trinket box in 18th Century style painting and it is absolutely beautiful !!

Inside the box : cute lady bug

On the lid : Beautifully painted landscape

Thank you Kim , I will treasure these gifts - will use the fabric and threads though :)

I also made some special food items for Anshita last week . I always forget to take pics but this time I remembered . This is her favorite sweet and I have to control her not to eat too many in a day . These can stay fresh for almost a week .

Sweet : Karanji (in Marathi) / Gujhia (in Hindi)
Cover : flour, milk, pure ghee (clarified butter), Stuffing : maawa/khoya (made of milk) and then deep fried in pure ghee. Traditionally our sweets are all made in ghee since olden times and they don't taste better in any other cooking butter .

Spicy and tangy : Dahi Paapdi Chaat
Few broken down crispies are poured over with curd , tamarind chutney adding few spices and coriander/parsley

I am busy with lots of things and hopefully the blog posts will have more things to show .

Have a nice day!


  1. The cushion is lovely. Looking fwd to seeing it FFOed.
    Wow what a gift from Kim, that box is a treasure.
    You made my mouth water..I like gujia more than karanji. Isn't karanji the one with khobra stuffing?
    I'm planning to make Narali bhaat today to mark narali poornima.
    P.S. One of my friends is a newbie crocheter and I have directed her to your website and blog. After visiting you blog ,she said what talented friends I have.. :)

  2. Very very beautiful. Great gifts. The sweet looks yummy. Perfect shape. The chat looks so delicious.

  3. Yummy food, Preeti! The gifts from Kim are beautiful, enjoy. I really like your cushion! From a distance it somehow looks diagonally striped due to the multicolored yarn ;-). Sunny greetings, Nata

  4. Beautiful cushion !!!
    Kim is very talented !!!
    Have a lovely day !

  5. Nice to see you have been a lucky recipient from Kim's birthday rak :)
    Sweet crochet work!

  6. Lovely RAK! Excellent colours on your cushions and your foods look delicious.

  7. Love the cushion. Another lovely RAK from Kim! Love your food pics. Look delicious!!

  8. The cushion is fabulous! Lovely gifts from Kim, she's so talented and generous.

  9. Preeti lovely pillow will be beautiful! Whatever you are doing at sewing!
    Your food look appealing! Yummy .....
    Gift from Kim is beautiful!

  10. Cushion looks so pretty :) Congrats on receiving such beautiful gifts !!! Food looks yum.... especially gujiya

  11. The gifts are beautiful, I love the trinket box. Your cushion is very pretty and the food looks yummy. :) xx

  12. Lovely cushion, the turquoise is such a pretty colour. Kim's painted porcelain is wonderful.
    You are a very kind mother to make your daughter's favourite sweet treats too.

  13. Very nice cushion. Love the colors. Hate weaving in the ends!

    What a lovely gift from Kim. Hand-painted porcelain is a real treasure.

  14. What a lovely gift. Kim is an excellent painter. Your pillow is so pretty.

  15. The cushion is beautiful and your gifts are just wonderful. Yum! I love gujia.

  16. Hi, Preeti! I'm so happy you liked your gifts. The entire package was a joy to create and send to you. Enjoy!!

  17. What a beautiful pillow, Preeti!

  18. Such a lovely gift from sweet Kim... I love the scene she painted for you--what a talent!!

    Your pillow is lovely--such pretty colors, Preeti :)

  19. How do you know those sweets stay fresh for a week? Surely they get eaten well before then (I love sweet things and cannot keep away from them lol)!

    Great gifts from Kim and your cushion cover is lovely! Those are great colors. :D

  20. Another beautiful cushion, love the colors. Your sweets look yummy. The trinket box is a treasure, Kim is so creative.

  21. Your new cushion looks gorgeous and has great colours.
    Enjoy your gift from Kim, I particularly love the hand painted scenery on the lid of the box. Lucky you!

  22. Gorgeous pillow Preeti and lovely generous gift from Kim, love the design on the lid.

  23. Beautiful cushion and such lovely gift from your friend. Drooling over your Dahi paapdi chaat. Looks so yummy :)

  24. What gorgeous gifts from Kim, especially the hand-painted box.
    I like your cushion cover. I am crocheting a ripple blanket at the moment. I'm only a beginner really.

  25. The cushion is lovely and the RAK from Kim is gorgeous

  26. Pretty cushion Preeti...enjoy the gifts from Kim

  27. Thanks for letting us admire the lovely pillow cover you made, the beautiful gifts you were given, and the delicious looking food, too! xx


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