Friday 17 March 2017

Status update....

Thanks for your comments on my last post ! I have nothing new to share but that doesn't mean life was boring at my end .

On the International women's day, while the Air India created history by flying an all-women crew (including the ground support staff) flight across the globe from New Delhi to San Francisco and back , I got a big cut on my right thumb and enjoyed a humble day off from the house hold chores :D

My needlework came to a standstill but I continued most house work imagining myself as a leftie . Also, my eyes were paining a lot so I couldn't enjoy reading , surfing or watching TV either :(

Anyways the good injured time is over and I have been certified healthy by my own conscience and therefore I got to work on so many pending tasks which nobody at home felt were necessary.

Here are my WIPs, so less compared to those of my blogger friends . I want to work on these projects and maybe start a few small ones too . Which one is your favorite?

A floral border from the book "Embroideries and patterns from 19th Century Vienna"

This is how it will look when done . It requires some DMC to Anchor conversion work as the book refers to only DMC codes .

Kitty litter by Dimensions

Height chart by Durene Jones

Cross stitch blooms by Barbara Baatz Hillman, Leisure arts.

We went to a new restaurant recently where I ate a 'paan icecream' . A paan is usually a betel leaf filled with different things. I don't usually eat but this one was a sweet one filled with just 'Gulkand'. 'Gulkand' is a kind of marmalade made out of rose petals, it is considered good for health in hot weather . It came with all fanfare of dry ice which was fun to look at as well :) I also liked the metal and stone decor at the entrance door .

I sowed some summer flower seeds this Monday and most of those have germinated . I hope they will survive . For the first time , I have done some proper seed saving . These will be sown in the month of Sept. I have seen so many nice free printables for seed sachets but I am still a novice in seed extraction so I will wait before wasting printer ink .

We could not play Holi (festival of colors in India) as Anshita is having her final exams . I am looking forward to more stitching time :) I have been doing some stash shopping for past few months but couldn't get to take any pics , hope to share soon .

Thank you for reaching until here :)
Have a great weekend!


  1. You have a lot of beautiful embroideries in yor hands !
    Have fun !

  2. The hydrangea one would be my favourite :)

  3. Ouch! Your cut sounds very painful, Preeti--glad to know it is healed and you are back to normal. I can't do anything well with my left hand so I'm sure it was difficult. Loved seeing all of your updates and that interesting looking ice cream :)

  4. Nice pieces. I love the floral one and and the Kitty Litter. Great start on all the pieces.

  5. Glad to hear you've recovered! Those kind of injuries are particularly nasty for stitchers.
    Your WIPS are all lovely but I particularly like the hydrangeas.
    Good luck to Anshita in her exams!

  6. Wonderful news from you: the flying crew, lovely stitches, seeds and food: I loved to read your post.

  7. Lovely projects Preeti. I love the Kitty Litter one.


  8. Preeti dear, I'm glad you're here again!
    Your stitch Krazy I like!
    Jam from rose petals is definitely great!
    I wish you every success in the tests Anschita!

  9. A floral border from the book "Embroideries and patterns from 19th Century Vienna" is definately my favorite among those wonderful designs ♥

    Glad that you healed and sharing sometime for yourself to stitch♥

    Happy weekend

  10. Glad to hear that your wound is healed now but despite the cut you seem to have achieved so much ;) Lovely needlework!

  11. Glad you are healed now dear... The height chart is awesome.. I too love paan ice cream!

  12. Glad your thumb is better and I love the height chart and the blooms. Great photos of everything too!

  13. You have some great WIPs, and all of them are really big. I love big projects ...
    My favorite would be the pattern from the 19th century Vienna book.

  14. Glad to hear that your cut is healed and you are back to your embroidery. A lot of pretty patterns, I prefer the first floral border.

  15. Well done Air India! I hope none of them had such a painful injury as you did.
    The blue ribbons are so pretty already and the kittens are adorable.
    I love the look of the dessert with the dry ice, what fun!

  16. Sorry about the cut. Hope it has healed well. I love all your projects , difficult to choose one. My fav has to be the Cross stitch blooms.

    1. Sorry forgot to add, I love mitha pan.

  17. A cut finger is the worst nightmare for stitchers...or anyone who crafts, glad you can get back to your stitching (too bad that means your well enough to do housework too :) ) I love all your projects but I think my favourite one is the kitties. Which ever one you choose will be lovely as they are all wonderful.

  18. Fantastic progress on your WIPs. They all look great!

  19. LOL. Some women go to the moon, others clean the kitchen, but we all do our bit :-)

  20. Beautiful stitching, I especially like the floral border

  21. Sorry to hear about the cut & I hope you are fully cured now.... All your WIPs are amazing ... :))

  22. Hi Preeti, I enjoy seeing your cross stitch WIPs. It must require lots of patience which I think I no longer possess :) Hope your cut is better. Best wishes to Anshita.

  23. Wow! Lovely looking WIPs :o) I have just started Kitty Litter.... and already the blending is annoying me!! I think I should have started in the centre like you - I decided to be clever and start at the top left!
    All the best to Anshita for her exams :o)

  24. I'm glad your thumb has healed, and I had to laugh about getting caught up on the tasks that nobody feels necessary. : ) I always hate being out of commission because I know all of the things that are piling up. You've started some lovely pieces - I think with four cats I should vote for the Kitty Litter piece. That dessert looks delicious but don't they usually? : )

  25. You do such lovely stitch work, Preeti! I enjoy looking at all your projects. :)

  26. Sorry to hear about your cut thumb Preeti and I hope it's all healed there's nothing worse! I love all your stitching but that height chart is so cute, I have loads of seeds to plant too once I can get out and do it. :) xx

  27. I am sure I commented here several days seems to have disappeared. Anyways, just wanted to tell you that all the pieces look wonderful. I wouldn't be able to pick one from them.

  28. sorry to read about your injury sweetie :( hope you are all better now!!
    I looooove love love those cats by Dimensions! Always wished to have the chance to stitch them... but them my Gorjuss girls came along heheheheh that has been a big family to stitch during the last years ;) heheheheh Maybe one day I will get to by Dimensions faves heheheh enjoy your stitching!!!

  29. HI Preeti!
    I'm a new follower of your blog. I was Googling for a nice photo of Dimensions' kit A Lakeside Village, and your blog popped up with your photo from 2013, I think? It was back when you first bought the kit. I don't know if you've started yours or maybe even finished it, but I am about to start mine today for "2017 Dimensions SAL" on Facebook! If you have a new (unstarted) kit by Dimensions and would like to join us, come find our group on Facebook and sign up! The SAL starts today (April 5, 2017) and will run through December 31, 2017. Anybody who loves Dimensions kits may join us - only "rule" is that it must be a new START for you and it must be a counted cross stitch kit by Dimensions or their Gold Collection.
    I noticed above a Dimensions kit you are working on with cats. I saw lots of different colored floss hanging off the bottom. I'm wondering why you stitch these kits that way - is it easier/faster? I've seen lots of HAED stitchers use that technique (parking, right??) but I think I would never up tangling the threads into a big mess! LOL. How do you manage not to get the hanging threads all knotted and tangled up? I'd love to learn more about this technique and any tips or suggestions! Thank you, Preeti. Love your little teddy bear finish also.

  30. Wow... that's a whole lot of cross stitch progress


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