Thursday 7 September 2017

Some stitching progress....

Thanks for your well wishes . I did some stitching on Height chart and then again had to stop due to a hurt on my right hand . It is ok now and I hope I can start stitching again by weekend .

Worked on Toucan and the flower at the top

Few more miscellaneous things to share .....

Ixora in bloom from my balcony garden

Crochet cotton threads from shuttlesandneedles

Chillies from my balcony garden. A single plant gives these many every 3 weeks.

Oven baked potato wedges which I made for the first time

When I am frustrated or overwhelmed with pending tasks , I like organizing things around . Gives me a little feeling of decluttering the mind even if it is an unrelated thing to do . Even watching some home organizing videos/blogs is fine although I am not an organizing maniac . Does that happen to you? What makes you feel better when you get overwhelmed with daily little things ?

Have a nice day!
Preeti :)


  1. Love your stitching, Preeti! Hope your hand is better and you can get back to crafting. Lovely flowers in your balcony and what a great supply of chili peppers you get.

  2. Lovely embroidery, lovely flowers !!!!
    Better days will come for you to be able to do what you want !
    Take care !

  3. Glad your hand is doing better Preeti. Nice progress on your stitching.


  4. Dear Pree, I like the embroidery!
    You have beautiful flowers!
    Roasted potatoes, yummy: -)

  5. Beautiful flowers! When I'm overwhelmed I'll start pinning.

  6. How beautiful Ixora's blooms are ♥♥♥ I love chilly peppers ♥♥♥

    And your embroidery is coming along beautifully.

    Have a great weekend Preeti ♥♥

  7. What a cute design. I am a bit like you. I clean my home!!

  8. Lovely stitching Preeti, hope that hand is better now. Love seeing what you grow on your balcony.

  9. Oh, your balcony must be beautiful!
    Yes, decluttering helps me when I am chaotic inside.

  10. Good to know that your hand has improved and that you can stitch again.
    These pink flowers look awesome.
    Oh, I love wedges very much and I often make them, with different herbs and seasoning.

  11. Great stitching and those pink flowers are so pretty

  12. mmm ..I can almost smell those Potato Wedges ..what have you sprinkled them with ? I like Chinese 5 spice . Your embroidery is almost is at this stage I start thinking about the next project , what will you stitch next ? Ixora has such lovely pink flowers . I hope you are feeling well today .Hugs Daisy Debs x

  13. I hope your hand continues to improve and you're so close to the top of the height chart, wow! Lovely flowers and great potato wedges. I love making those.

  14. Hope your hand is better soon. What calms me is being totally alone for an extended period of time (at least five hours) and just stitching. Maybe not even having the radio or FlossTube on, just silence.
    Love the Ixora flowers.

  15. Yes, I am the same way, Preeti! If my house is disorganized, my mind feels the same :) I need to spend some time this afternoon organizing my stash and I know I'll feel better.

    I've never seen Ixora--it is lovely!

    Hope your hand feels much better each day :)


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