Tuesday 3 April 2018


...some progress on my projects and some mundane everyday stuff.

We went on a weekend trip to complete our yearly visit to a pilgrim place. Anshita's exams were over last week but there was some glitch in one of the subjects and students were supposed to take a re-exam for that subject. That was going to be a huge spoiler but since around 2 million students were going to be affected, the examination board decided not to have re-exam for the entire nation but only in the affected areas. That was a big relief for us. This was an important checkpoint exam for her which is conducted at national level. So now she is having fun doing movie marathon and doesn't bother how much her mom shouts at her :) I have given up too :(

Here is my progress on cross stitch card, one of the twelve new projects started this year. I am making for someone who reads my blog, but not that regularly and may not have an idea that I am making it for her :)



Few food items I made last week

Chilli Paneer 
I am getting good at making this - that's my daughter's verdict, and she is a big foodie:)

Mixed lentils cutlets
Tried it for the first time. It has 5 different types of lentils and spices.

Bread Margherita pizza 
To make eating store bought bread more appealing :)

Some random craft shopping I did in February. 

laces & trims

frames, tags etc.

Jewelry making materials

I have family travel plans in April and May. Anshita is having summer vacation of two months in April and May so have to make most of it including having her organize her own things and possibly teach her some household work other than just fetching a glass of water and keeping her snacks plate in the sink instead of just on the dining table. Ok, enough of cursing my bad mothering. I hope I can get blogging and crafting time in these two months.

Have a great week!


  1. Nice progress on the card Preeti. I love the colors. Those meals look yummy. Love your new stash.


  2. Nice cross-stich-work! I'm looking forward to see more of it.
    Have fun with your new craftsupplies!

  3. Dear Preeti, You showed us good things!

  4. Enjoy the vacation time and your new goodies!! Wish the little lady all the best for her results.

  5. Aw reading your post made me think of my kids. I just walked into sons room to put away his laundry and walked out with a few dirty dishes. Enjoy your holiday. Your projects will travel well.
    xx Beca

  6. Your food looks very tasty, Preeti! Lovely colors in your card and what great new crafty stash you purchased. Enjoy--and I hope your travels are fun!

  7. So happy you were able to have a nice time with your family and not having to worry about the exam. Your food looks so tasty!! I love lentils and that looked so good to me. Enjoy your travels and have a great time with your daughter. They grow up so fast!!

  8. Beautiful colors in your Secret Stitch and the lovely doily behind your paneer! Good luck with the housework lessons haha. I only became interested in it after I flew the nest. ;)

    I am curious about the lentil cutlets! We try to have a meatless meal once or twice a week (any more and my husband would mutiny). What are they served with or do you make them into a sandwich? Or maybe they are a side dish/snack?

  9. Well thank goodness your daughter didn't have to take the exam again! And glad you were able to make your trip. What a pretty card you are making! I love lentils and those cutlets sound delicious and of course the pizza looks quite tasty, too. : ) Have fun with your new crafty things!

  10. It's fun to see your before/after projects progress! You really, really, really make me want to cross-stitch! :)
    Yummy food and lovely crafting supplies! I need to go shopping too!

  11. Lovely stitching and that food looks delicious! Good luck with Anshita. We're trying to teach our 4 year old these things too, and right now she likes to help, so that's good, but give her 6-8 years more and we'll see.

  12. Pretty card in the works and lovely new stash. I like the look of those lentil cutlets,

  13. The food looks delicious, I wish I knew how to make it. And the cross stitch card is beautiful - looking forward to seeing it finished.

  14. It will be a beautiful card!
    Good luck with your Teenie!
    Wow, so much good food. I love lentils too.

  15. The stitch card is looking lovely Preeti, what lovely buys you can't have enough crafty stuff. Your food looks yummy! I'm so pleased your daughter won't have to take the exam again it must be a huge relief. I remember when my daughter was growing up trying to get her to do anything in the house was a nightmare so good luck haha. :) x

  16. Your card looks very pretty! Lovely new stash too...enjoy!

  17. Good to read that the exams for your daughter are over and that she can relax now and enjoy her holidays.
    Great progress on your stitching project. And such a lot of new stash to enjoy.

  18. Your cross stitch projects looks lovely.... waiting for the complete picture. Craft shopping looks so alluring.... always uplifts my mood :)) Have fun & enjoy your holidays !!

  19. Love to see the finished cross stitch work, it's looking good. You have added plenty of lovely stuff to your stash. It's good that your daughter is having a break now. Enjoy your holidays!

  20. Beautiful progress in your stitchery, Preeti!!!!!!!! Kisses, my friend.

  21. The card looks very interesting. I'm happy that Anshita got out of the whole re exam trouble. The food looks yummy and your stash is very tempting too :)

  22. Great progress on the card. The food looks delicious

  23. Nice embroidery and ooh so yummy food! Dear Preeti, for your information: Don't wonder when you find my blog stated "private". Just like many other German hobby bloggers I've started a blog break today due to the confusion about the new EU-GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). I hope there will be clear instructions soon! Hugs, Nata

  24. ciao cara quante bellissime cose da ammirare, chissà che capolavoro finale verrà quell ricamo ! un abbraccio


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