Thursday 4 October 2012

Yay! My blog is 1 month!! :)

Hello dear friends,

My infant blog is now 1 month old!! :)

I am glad and happy to link all my 26 blog friends on this post . I would like to thank all of you for your nice and generous comments. Your words always encourage me to work better . I know, it takes lot of patience and time to read through and comment on the posts . I am thankful to you for giving this share of your time to me :)

When I first joined the blogosphere 1 month back, I was a confused child . You artistic people were so fast in posting amazing things regularly . It was intimidating at first , not sure , whether I will be able to glide through this ! But the experienced bloggers were sweet enough to let me feel safe and hop happily with their support and kind words .  Now , I am completely enjoying my blog-trotting !! There are lot of inspirational things in blogs, more than sufficient to learn, for all my entire life!:)

My blogger friends :

Rajeswari (Diaper Mum) - this mom in her world of little people is very creative and sweet,  always ready to help!
Vikki(By Hooks 4u) - she is a crochet wizard! She has lots n lots of doilies:) and is very helpful and kind!
Debi(Dly's Hooks and Yarns )- this granny is super-cool and fast. By the time I plan something to make, she is already done with hers and posted too:) I met many blogger friends at her place :)))
Dinah(Dinah's crochet stuff) - she creates lots of nice crochet items and is very humble!
Raji Saj(Thread with me!) - a charming blogger friend, she is also from IT background and now enjoys her embroidered world!
Beck(Beck to vintage) - she has a job and does lot of crochet both at the same time. I still remember her daughter's smiling photo with the cake she posted on her birthday! Beck, if you are reading this, tell your daughter, she has one more admirer for her lovely smile:)
M J Joachim(Lots of crochet stitches by M J Joachim) - her's is the place where you can learn lots of crochet stitches. A treasure for all to learn stitches!
Linda (Linda Crochets)- Linda creates beautiful doilies. Her vintage pieces are a masterpiece!
Amanda(Crafty in the Med) - she loves to tell about different things and her write-ups are nice to read. She is very generous in commenting as well as humble in replying too :)
Kathleen(Yesteryear Embroideries) - she does not show up  on my followers list, but has been a frequent visiting friend and always kind to appreciate my work! Her embroideries are beautiful:)
Rita(Gramma Rita's crochet etc. ) - she is an amazing and lovely grandma:) She has crocheted wonderful things in her blog. She generously appreciates the art work!
Love stitch(Stitch of Love) - like me, she is into all kinds of needlework, but she is far ahead of me and creates lot of amazing things! :)You can get lot of inspirations from her blog.
Aiza(kaitbenangkait) - she is simple and sweet person and creates beautiful things!
Sonia(Toca do tricot e crochet) - she has crocheted lovely items and there are lots of things to see in her blog!
Shami(My craft works) - she does lovely embroidery. I especially like her chikankari work!
Sangeetha(Crochetkari) - she has lot of colourful crochet items in her blog and her blog write-ups are fun to read !
Jee Q(Learning to write) - she creates very cute crochet. Her crochet booties are  yummy !
Mousumi(Love for Krafts) - she is a humble mother and enjoys crocheting and art and craft. She is very good at Lamasa work!
Ranjana(Ranjana's craft blog) - she loves doing all kinds of needlework and crafts. Her blog is a treasure full of Indian art!:)
Charlotte(Charlotte's web) - she does lot of crochet and is one of the experienced blogger!!
Ali(Hooked!! A Crochet Addict's blog) - there are lots of crochet granny squares to watch at Ali's place!!
Vai Gopalakrishnan(Vai Gopalakrishnan) - he blogs in regional indian language on various subjects. I do not understand that language but seems he is very popular blogger!
Mitu(Art and Craft Work) - she crochets nice baby sweaters!

Anshu Moghe - my childhood friend, she has recently shifted to Hyderabad!
Sukanya - my lovely teenage neighbour, she is like an elder sister to my daughter!
Anshita - my dear daughter, she wanted to become the first follower of blog :)

Thank you again, keep in touch and Happy blogging!




  1. Happy 1 month! Keep is so much fun and you "meet" some great friends.

  2. Happy 1 month blogiversary! You're doing a great job - and thank you for your nice comments. :)

  3. Happy 1 month dear Deepti! Here's wishing you many more and much more to come:) Thanks for you sweet words and comments.

    1. oooopS! My bad!! I meant the witty creative lady - Preeti!

  4. happy 1 month blogging, preeti..thank you for your nice comments..keep in touch, hugs!

  5. Congratulations!! You are going great guns. Keep up the creat-e-witty.
    And thanks for mentioning all of us. Very sweet of you. Here's wishing you all the best for years of beautiful blogging.
    Love and Hugs.

  6. Happy 1 month anniversary! You are doing a wonderful job with your blog. I'm so glad we're crocheting friends! Thanks for your kind comments. :) And I've been meaning to tell you I love your colorful header and background! :)

  7. Congratulations on the anniversary of the blog. It is very beautiful. And also, thank you for visiting mine. Your works are wonderful.

  8. Thank you very much dear friends!:) keep blogging!!

    This time I have replied to each one of you on mail rather than on the blog comments! I have observed that the replies on blog do not always reach to respective blogger friends.

    Preparing for next post...

    Warm regards,

  9. Congratulation Preeti... Keep blogging.. :)


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