Saturday 6 October 2012

Best out of waste !!

Hi !!!

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend ! I did not do anything special ! Just visited my new apartment under construction after a long time ! I am looking forward to it and eagerly waiting to create a craft corner for me once it is ready :)

I do not have any separate place for my craft work in my existing apartment. We bought it around 9 years back thinking we would not stay here for long . But , we fell in love with this historic city of Hyderabad and now planning to shift to a bigger flat . I still do not have a separate room for craft in the new house too, but I will turn a part of guest room into craft corner :)

I am done with my crochet bag , but just need some more finishing touches . Meanwhile I would like to share one of my 'Best out of Waste' items that I had done around 3 years back . These are my late mother-in-law's aluminium boxes , may be 70-80 years old which were not in a condition to use . We were about to put that with other scrap items , but then I decided to redecorate and use those for keeping some of my craft items .

It was a set of five boxes , no idea where the fifth box is . I had some baby pink oil paint with which I painted the box both inside and out . I then painted some random flowers with left over acrylic paints and my daughter glued the sequins. I hope you will like those !

TIP# If you are planning to do this and using oil paint for the base , better not to use for edges of  boxes and lids . Use acrylic paint there as oil paint will peel off after frequent use .

WIP: Cross stitch
one of my friend did her cross stitch piece and shared the pattern with me . It is a set of teacups stacked over . I converted the DMC floss into corrsponding Anchor ones and trying to do that !
It was a lucky day for the soft toys at home! My daughter has gathered them all and enjoying her weekend ! :)) They are going to watch all the movies and TV shows with us and will head back to their places only by Monday morning !:)


Happy Weekend to all of you !! :)
Warm regards ,
Preeti :)


  1. the tins are all soo cute! So sweet to see your daughters softie friends. Adorable!

  2. Good use of the old tins n use creativity! Am sure the toys had a great time.

  3. Your tins are so pretty, and it looks like you're doing a great job on the teacups. :) Love how your daughter gathered all of her softie friends. Too cute! :D

  4. Hi There. Visiting your blog for the first time.. and I Loved this Line of yours

    I wasted my creative time to earn lot of money; now I am wasting lot of money to earn my creative time!

    and I find it so very true for me too ;)

  5. Wow, the tins are so lovely! Great job :-)).
    Congratulations to your award!!

    1. Thank you for visiting me Nata and thank you for your wishes too:)

  6. What a great use of old tins! and thats super exciting about the apartment! :)
    Thanks for linking up at the Humble Brag.

  7. i love the boxes! its very nice.


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