Friday 14 December 2012

A beaded crochet attempt and Christmas yarnfall !! :))

Christmas yarnfall ? Yes , of course ! Where there is no snowfall , there is a yarnfall !! :)

I am in my piling-up frenzy mode , adding yarns and more yarns to my stock . I received my latest stock of crochet threads through an online order from Pradhan stores . Thanks to Rajeswari from diapermum who introduced me to this store and made me a yarn addict ! :)

I am working (telling lies? Yes , to myself) on my WIPs :) Crochet table cloth seems to be taking ages to complete . I have also attempted my first beaded crochet project too . But first , let me welcome my new friends .

Fliency Ecy at
Katia Missau at
Ljubinka at
Shirley Katia at
Roos at
Sandra Duarte at
Nima at

I enjoyed all the blogs very much and they have lot of ideas to try for . I would like to make a special mention about Katia Missau - I was bowled over by her crochet jewellery; and Nima who is doing needlework since her childhood days .

I always wanted to use tiny beads in crochet . Here I am trying to use seed beads with size 20 Anchor red heart crochet cotton.

Anchor Size 20 Crochet Cotton
Anchor Red Heart size 20
Red rose Glitter size 20
Red rose Glitter size 20 and Red rose knitting cotton
Laura Knitting Cotton
I found Laura knitting yarn too thick. My favourite so far are Anchor threads :)

There is no size mentioned for these knitting cottons neither does the store owner is sure about .
This is what I deduced after trying each of these . Correct me, if I am wrong .

Red Rose knitting cotton : size 10
Anchor knitting cotton : size 5
Laura knitting cotton : size 3

Enjoy your weekend !
Preeti :)


  1. lovely pictures :)
    check out my new blog post {trends 2013}

  2. Lovely collection! must remind self to order some more!! What are you planning to do with all the collection?? The beaded crochet looks very dainty and elegant. I tried it once but somehow stopped, it does look very pretty in your blue doily/motif :)

  3. Beautiful collection of yarns. The beads look really pretty on the doily, I'll look forward to seeing it finished :)

  4. The colorful yarns are a feast for the eyes :-). And I like how the beads make the doily so bright and festive!

  5. wow..too many colorful yarns..preeti, here is the tutorial how to sew lining into crocheted bag.. ..


  6. hi, Preeti!first of all - nice to see so many new readers of your blog:) i'm going to check each of their blogs as well:)
    second - i am in love with your beaded crochet! the thread colors is one of my favorite! looking forward to see the finished project;)Anna

  7. Preeti, thank you for the mention. I have posted an easy way to thread seed beads to the crochet thread...try that if you haven't...I loved your blue thread and golden bead is already looking gorgeous.

  8. Golden beads and royal blue look nice together, giving a royal look! Even I am not sure about the sizes of these threads. But I am so glad I found this online store. These threads are not easily available. :)

  9. This is so beautiful! And I love the color :)

  10. What a beautiful assortment of colors! I love how you work the beads into the crochet.


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