Monday 17 December 2012

Weekend indulgence and call for a suggetion !

Hello , hope you all had a good time crocheting your Christmas things :)

I was awarded the 'Liebster blog award' last week by Elisabeth from Elizyart . She is a new blogger and a crochet enthusiast :) Thank you Elisabeth! I am too lazy to do the homework but I will try my best to answer the questions very soon :)

My weekend indulgence was shopping for bag(s) .
I keep my ongoing projects in a  cane , vintage-like big basket which has started gathering dust and is now overflowing .

I also have a small pink cane basket which goes inside the big basket . Since my projects have grown into many , I hate to keep in plastic covers .

I thought I would buy a bag because crocheting a one would take time .  Incidently , I saw the post of finding a perfect project bag by Kara from petalstopicots which further prompted me to go for one . Although , I did not get a specific project bag but I went to a handicraft exhibition and bought these eco-friendly handcrafted jute bags . All of them have couple of sleeves inside to keep separate things and have enough space to keep my iPad .

Tribal art

This prompted me to take out one more bag which I got free on a shopping almost an year back. It doesn't have any partition and cannot be closed . I am going to use it for keeping library books . Since it was plain, I decided to make use of my mini doilies to attach on it . Here are few with pics .

Bag with doily 1

Bag with doily 2
Bag with doily 3
It would be of great help if you suggest me which doily and where to place on this bag :)
Best wishes for the week !

Preeti :)


  1. lovely basket and was dangerous to show all those beautiful bags to a bag-a-holic like me...i loved that orange one...i would love to make something like that one day. Thank oyu for sharing

  2. Preeti, i loved the bag with doily 2 .

  3. Bsg with doily 1 is my choice :)

  4. Hi preeti!
    i love those cane baskets....
    I think the second doily goes well with the bag preeti!

  5. hi, Preeti! Lovely idea, I like the first doily on this bag. It looks good as it covers more area:)may be you can try to add some bead onto it, or make some white laces from the right side (like some kind of stripes).whatever! do what you like :)have a great day!

  6. I collect bags!! Not on purpose. I like bags to carry things around..crochet, kindle, library books, groceries. I tend to bags that are advertising Harry and David, odd little shop bags..usually they are made of canvas or burlap..what is it about us hookers that gotta have bags too?

  7. Nice bags! I love jute bags!I liked the bag with white doily. :)

  8. Oooh ... these are beautiful bags!! I especially love the one with the purple design! What great finds!

  9. His works are beautiful!

    Happy 2013!

    (forgive me writing, I'm using online translator)


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