Sunday 13 January 2013

Finally, I won a giveaway too !

Hi friends! Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Last week I received my order for few more size 10 threads and some new types too. I have taken pictures of few. The cone ones are purse threads and the other two skeins are called ‘Fun feathers’. I plan to make a stylish scarf for my daughter:)

And this goes into ….

And this is what I have won – a wooden chest of drawers!! I won it from Raj, my hubby. After throwing lot of tantrums and stomping my foot for a week, he got it custom made for me:)

These are few books that I purchased online in last 2 weeks.

But my prized possession is this shade card that I bought along with threads from Pradhan stores. I needed it badly as it was difficult to relate shades of DMC Vs Anchor threads since I have most of the cross stitch charts in DMC codes and we get Anchor threads in India. Sometimes, online chart convertors do not give exact shade.

Hope you like my giveaway to myself ;)

Happy weekend!
Preeti :)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow is all I can say.. :)
    BTW the yellow, purple and brown are they Anchor knitting cotton or the laura..
    I am still not able to decide10 what to order.. what do you suggest??

    Not to forget.. Happy Makar Sankranti..!!!

  3. How i wish i had the space for such a lovely give-away! Sigh!! Can you believe that i store my yarns in suitcases as i do not have place to keep them anywhere else :(

    Great books and lovely threads!Waiting to see what creative things they become :)

  4. i love it all..they are so adorable..

  5. Love the new threads - pretty shades of color. I also love your new chest of drawers - it looks perfect to hold all your threads and yarns. :)

  6. Well done! Tantrums and foot stomping usually works wonders! Love your chesk of drawers and those colour cards. Maggie xx

  7. Very nice ! Sometimes we have to pamper ourself !
    Have a creative week ! You have the material to do so !

  8. Tantrum and foot stomping...i like it...lovely chest of drawers...

  9. Hi Preeti, What a lovely chest of drawers. I too am thinking of ordering Connect the Shapes, seems to be an interesting and useful book. Maybe you could share a few pics from the book, just to help me make up my mind. Could you give some info about the size 10 thread, is it knitting cotton? I won a giveaway from hubby too, a bookcase which I will be sharing on the blog shortly. (I think we should call them nag-aways!!)
    I am going to use your card as a bookmark!

  10. Enjoy them! Eddie Eckman is an amazing author. You will love her books! :)

  11. All such fun stuff. That color chart looks handy indeed!


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