Thursday 24 January 2013

A teeny-weeny square!

Just thought of posting a little square I made yesterday and weaved-in too (this is important as most of my items are struggling to get finishing touches :) ) I made it with Anchor red heart crochet cotton, size 20 and the pattern for this is here. This square measures 2 inches . I have crocheted many items but there is no time for photos and posts .

Crochet square

Crochet square

mini Crochet square

mini Crochet square

There are some bloggers who are very organized and have some kind of schedule for posting, so I thought I must try to make mine a bit systematic too. And, I have come up with this plan for every week.

Monday – Post about my creation(s)

Wednesday – ‘Just something on Wednesday’
This post will be about something creative, funny or interesting from the world of crafts/needlework.

Friday‘Meri Kitaab’- The Book Review
My reviews on the needlework and other craft books that I own.  Meri Kitaab is a term in Hindi language which means - ‘my book’:)

I am going to deploy this plan from next week. And of course, I can repeat as many Mondays in a week :) :)

What do you say about this plan and about my teeny-weeny square? Do suggest me a creative title for Wednesday’s post.

Have a blog-full day !!

Preeti :)


  1. nice square, Preeti. What are you going to use it for? or simply will leave as a decor piece?:)
    you know I was also thinking of some kind of schedule, but I know that there days I am not able to post on, or have no time, or no camera with me...:) so I decided to leave at my own inspiration.
    Otherwise you can try this schedule and see if it works for you, may be you'll want to switch some days, or whatever suits your daily routine :) In any case, it's up to you how many posts and when you make, we are anyways always here.
    Have a great day!

  2. Good idea....if you can stick to it! ;)otherwise, just go with the flow.....
    Pretty square and cute dolls.
    Enjoy the weekend!:)

  3. Such a lovely square! I like pink :)


  4. Really pretty sqaure Preeti :)xx

  5. Very cute square.. And seems so bright..I like it..:))
    Best wishes...

  6. Hi Preeti.. those are doll keychains right??? Very Cute..
    The square is very neat and beautiful too.. How are you going to use it??
    Have a Great Weekend :)


  7. Πολύ χαριτωμένο!!!Φιλάκια!!!

  8. ¡Hermoso estallido de colores!

  9. Πολύ ωραίο και αυτό, όπως όλα !!

  10. As usual very preety !! I luv the color combo.

  11. Such a pretty crocheted square that can wind up making a lot of things with. Love your schedule idea!

  12. Dear Preethy,thank you very much for visiting my blog and for all the lovely words.:).. Nima had told me about you.. Your works are also jus superb.. I dont crochet.. But luv all these beautiful creations you experts at this work, churn out every now n then.I have even a pinterest board which I created jus for my friends who are so good at this craft.. Pls have a look at it. You might find it inspiring.

  13. Wow.. like the squares and the new regime for the posting. I too love books & read regularly but never wrote abt them :-)
    Best Wishes

  14. Lovely work :) And I also love those dolls on the photo ;) hehehe

  15. hi preeti
    pretty work lovely blog
    love maria

  16. Preeti,
    Try to get guest blogger one day a week or month. Or you could feature a blogger.
    Hint hint.

  17. That is teeny weeny and adorable! great job! Thanks so much for sharing (sorry I was so late to visit from last week's Humble Brag link party!)

  18. It may be teeny weeny, but it's CUTE!!


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