Wednesday 24 April 2013

JSOW : I am very busy !!

Warning : heavily loaded with text and images (at the end).

First of all , I would like to extend a very big Thank You ! to all of you for posting sweet comments on my little projects :)

I know , I know , you all are busy bees :) Forget about crochet , it has become difficult to even find time for my JSOW - it is a women's club for happy activities . Just kidding ;) JSOW is my very own Just Something On Wednesday :)

This is my current status !! ;)

Anyways , if not crochet or cross stitch, I have something to share . But let me first share two things that made me happy. 

1. Covering new school books for Anshita 's new session :)

2. My router got fixed ; my Wi-Fi is working fast now and after months , since I created my Pinterest account , I was able to open and enjoy pinning :)

I have kept Pinterest for my personal use and don't bother about statistics there . If you are interested to visit and repin anything, just click on this link . I will in turn visit yours and repin . I don't expect you to follow me there and I may not do that either.....I just cannot manage multiple social networks  :)

Hmm.....about being busy , well , all hell=work broke loose on me since March . Here are few glimpses :

  • My maid left job. Although I use dishwasher and washing machine and she did had a little work only but Indian terrain requires a daily brooming/sweeping of house unless and until, it is fully air conditioned. So I am missing that extra time :(
  • Anshita’s school was running half days since March and from this week her summer vacation has started; that means, I am supposed to cook fresh food in morning daily. Otherwise, both Raj and Anshita ate in their canteens and I cooked extra at night for my next day lunch. So that extra time has also gone :( Am I a bad momma for saying that?

  • I am compiling and publishing a book of published articles which were written by my father as part of his hobby. They are highly literature based written in Marathi language with lot of Sanskrit terms. We have hired a publishing person who is retyping and I have to proof read them. It takes one hour for one article to check word by word with the original copy as I am not so good with the language.
  • I have to be ready with my final interior design for my new flat by May...I am terribly falling behind the schedule :((
  • I started writing as part of my hobby, but so far only one got published out of 5 odd articles that I had sent in last one year. I am very lazy in sending submissions. I have written a novel of 65000 words but it is just lying in some folder. Raj is very upset about my degrading reading and writing activities. If you are interested, you can read my published article in 'Child' magazine. Click here to know about the magazine and click here to read the PDF sent by the editor to me. Pls do tell me if you read it.
I was on the verge of getting my children story book published by a leading publisher when after seven months of mail exchange they said that they love to publish but they have many right now. Strangely, I did not feel bad because I am not taking writing as seriously as my needlework.

  • On Sunday, I washed all the toys for Anshita including 50+ dolls and their 150+ odd dresses. I must say I have pampered her a lot as far as toys are concerned. Her favourites are dinosaurs. She wants to become a palaeontologist. Someday, I will tell about  her dino books.
Well that cleaning stuff left me with lot of body pain for 2 days. And above all, Raj is having heavy workload and is sleeping by 2am daily so I cannot scream for help although I don't stop nagging either.

I can hear you say, how the hell she got time to write this big post ? :)
Wait, it is just half the post :)))

I am working on some of my WIPs and wish to share when I complete them; hopefully, at least one by Monday.

Don't worry, the remaining post will have some glittering images which will cool down your temper after reading the first half of my post ( I can see your wicked smile and the cruel scroll button which you just used to jump right here :))))) he-he-he .

These images are of handcrafted lacquer bangles which are one of the specialties of Hyderabad. There is a 400 year old bangle market in the old city here known as 'Laad bazar' which has shops lined up in a long street. Mostly they are worn for festivals and marriages especially by Indian brides. It is quite far away from my place. It has been years I visited the market. Aren't those beautiful?

Next time, I will tell you about this special museum in the city.

Sorry for the long post, but I would love to hear some words from you.

Tired of reading? I can help you write comments too …here are some of the samples which you can copy paste ;)

1. Nice post, thanks for sharing!
2. Great pictures! best wishes for your WIPs!
3. Had fun reading your post! Fully sympathise with your situation .   ( I guess no one will write this)
4.What a post! Thanks for sharing   (That leaves me thinking what kind of post was it ;)

There goes one realistic one….
5. Lovely pictures! Long post….hats off to my (reader’s) patience:)))

I hope you will not block me after this post :)

Happy blogging!
Preeti :)


  1. HI..I loved your post..I could see you being out of breath...just breathe. I love those bangle bracelets, gorgeous. I could spend hours just looking and maybe buying..don't tell hubby. And no I will not delete you. Blessings

  2. I read your article and i am glad i did it! In these days and times, i totally agree with what you have said. A child should be able to stand up and defend himself, and we as parents should encourage this behavior. I see lots of things here in HK which shocks me as to how much the parents make their kids dependent or want to make them "likeable" to the entire society..But i feel giving your child the independence to stand up for herself, especially if she is right,is very important. When you said that a mother came complaining to you about the scratches that Anishta made, you said that Anishta also had similar scratches..So it wasn't a one sided bullying act :) Some children by nature are aggressive and they need to be tamed (read my daughter, who actually punches anyone who comes in her way and the mistake is solely hers) But on the rare occasions that she is right, i do feel proud of her that she is growing up to be independent!

    Sorry for the long comment, but your post asked for it..he he..Now, you better not block me!!

  3. Great post Preeti. I enjoyed reading it. Sounds like your one busy lady.


  4. Wow :-) Life sometimes goes so fast but do not shock for you will definitely get "used to" everything.
    And the article is nice. When my daughter was a year and half old, we went to a temple and suddenly a boy of 3-4 years came near to her. I was standing next to her, but suddenly slapped her hard on face. I was shocked and immediately lifted her up. The boy's mom came and shouted at him and 'gently' slapped too. But I did not slap him which I think I must have done.(atleast for my peace).
    My daughter would not even remember as she grows up, but I can never forget this incident in my life.

    But now, she is 2 and half year old and preaches to the other older kids, that "Dont play in sand", "Come and Play Jula".

    Kids forget and play together the next day. We only hold it as vengence :-(.
    Nice Article.

    P.S: The responses are so different from ur expected lines :-) But I'm sure you wont complain. He he.

  5. I love your posts and your sense of humor. I don't know how you do it all!

  6. You are so busy. Do not be so hard on yourself. The sweeping will be there wether you get to it or not.
    The pictures AREbeautiful ;)

  7. Hi, Preeti! I read the article - it is really something new for understanding of your child. I don't have my kids yet, but will think of those points you told about in the writing.
    Life gets too hectic at times, but the moment of relief will follow then too. So just accept the way things going on, and find time for yourself as well, it is important :)
    Those shimmering bracelets are awesome - you took lovely pictures which convey their beauty.
    Have a nice rest of the week and get some rest!

  8. I can't write this much, never!
    A lot is going on, on your side. The only thing I can imagine right now, after reading this post, is Maa Durga. Women are good at multitasking, and I am sure you are handling everything, smartly.
    Take care! :)

  9. The bracelets are beautiful - they make such pretty pictures.

    I read your article too - it's very well written. I always told my children to never hit anyone unless they expected to be hit back. And for my son, I taught him to never hit girls - he was to protect them. Both of my children got into scuffles growing up, but they were never the aggressors. :)

  10. LOVE the bracelets !!!!!

  11. Lol - You are too funny, Preeti! And very very busy head is spinning just thinking about it! Thanks for taking time to write such a fascinating, detailed post. I'll look forward to catching up with you again soon:)

  12. Hi Preeti !!!

    First of all the bangles looks pretty awesome... reminds me of churi bazaar in faridabad where my in-laws live.I used to buy them when I got newly married, but now they are mere collection for me. Secondly I can empathize with your situation as I have been going thru the same for some time now. Bringing up two kids, managing home,pursuing your hobby etc does take a toll on you & your health. But then after a while I think you learn to manage and its ok to crib.......... I do that all the time. In fact, Tapas has started calling me "cry baby"

    luv and take care !!!


  13. Wow, Preeti, really busy times!! I also don't like those phases. One thing after another is showing up and you don't get enough time for yourself. I get bad-tempered when there's no space for crochet (or knitting). So I'm sending you my best wishes that problems will be solved soon and you get more time and relaxation again!! And thanks for sharing the lovely pictures, wonderful artistic craftwork! I think it's not possible to visit and leave this place with only one bracelet ;-).
    Bye dear, have a wonderful and hopefully as stressless as possible week!!
    xxx Nata

  14. Loo lovely bangles !! I once went on school excursion to Hyderabad n came getting loads of stuff from there.

  15. Those bangles are very pretty. I can't believe covering your child's books made you happy coz I hate it the most. I leave it to my husband.

  16. Wow, all that work and household... you are so busy now! The publishing work I know a little as a publisher and as a techincal co-editor too - it requires so much time, it seems always an endless work!
    Wish you lot of energy in this busy times and take care :)

  17. Gorgeous bracelets, amazing colours!

    I read your article, its taken me some time to get to it because I couldn't see it clearly on my ipad but it's fine on this computer.

    At first I thought it was a spoof or joke article, saying the opposite to what you feel to make a point about how bad it is to teach your child to be manipulative and agressive. But then I got to the end of the piece and there wasn't a conclusion to confirm that it was a joke I began to worry. Than I saw the comments on here too and began to realise that people genuinely do still feel it is a good thing for children to be agressive and mean.

    This attitude was very prevalent in the UK during the 1970s when I grew up but now children are being brought up to stand up for themselves verbally, not physically. If a child hits you then tell a grown-up. This will stop the child from hitting you but will also stop them from hitting other children because the grown-ups will be watching them. Just hitting them back will not stop them being a bully, it merely teaches them to choose a weaker victim next time.

    I was particularly shocked by the pinching. It is a nasty habit that many small children have and should never be condoned. I have met mothers of bullies at school who will not believe their darling little girl is the problem, she is so clever at being sly she has deceived the parent.

    Another phrase which bothered me was "She was naturally heading towards the very purpose of a feminine existence" referring to her manipulation of a boy. Excuse me, but are we still living in the 1950s? In this century women should not be succeeding based on how they play on their girly inabilities to do anything practical.

    I'm sorry if you're offended by my out-spokeness! I think it must be a cultural difference because all the other commenters agree with the article and I'm English, we have very different attitudes to child-rearing. I know alot of Americans would agree with the sentiments in the article too.

    On the other hand, I might have got it right the first time, this was an ironic article and as usual everyone except the English person missed the point!!

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for reading my article!
      Well, I do have some clarifications from my side but I will not blame any commenters writing in favour or against it as it is their perception and the tone they are reading with.

      It is an article written in a humourous tone which does mean that a child should stand for herself/himself and doesn't refer that he/she should be aggressive. It means putting up a logical verbal fight and in case if someone hits them then they should be able to defend themselves. This is specifically meant for kids who are very timid in nature and to face the world they must know how to save themselves, doesn't mean at all, they have to be mean or aggressive to do that and not necessarily mean to hit back.

      Actually , my article name earlier was 'complimentary complaints' which editor changed to 'cant help but smile' which even I felt might be taken as wrongly.
      My daughter is as such vulnerable and at the age of 10, her defensive skills are that of a six-year-old child. Her motto is forgive and forget which doesn't work in all cases. I feel kids should not be raised as either aggressive or timid. In these 10 years, I have received only four complaints about her that she at some point of time has stood for herself else I have got more than 70 -80 complaints from her side that someone is troubling her. It is all about teaching her that at some point of time she has to be independent. Those rare complaints made me happy (thats what I meant complimentary complaints) that she has learned at least minimal level of defensive skills which I feel every child should learn. Otherwise, you wont believe, she is a saint by nature. The only thing that comforts me is that she has a sweet and loud voice and doesn't have stage fear or fear of talking to people, so she can be heard. Hopefully, someday she can stand for herself.

      Again, about being feminine and all, it is just a kids play and I never taught her anything like that, just the way I okayed it at that age as there was no harm and I wrote it in a humourous way. But also, I don't agree that it is in anyway related to 1950s. If my daughter plays with barbie dolls and play houses, she has also been/being raised with dart games, car racing, flying a toy helicopter, and she has a good range of dino books and wants to become a palaeontologist. So I guess it is nothing related to old times and if certain old times have some good things in it, I won't hesitate to accept them.

      About cultural differences, yes, there always are. Like west, we have never raised our children in any century( or decades) that pink is for girl and blue is for boy. In fact I came to know about it when I was in senior school that in west, this is how the children are being brought up and I saw many families here trying to ape it. But I never found a logic in this. The first sweater I made for my daughter was blue ! Not to show my protest, but because blue is my husband's favourite:)

      I am neither a feminist nor too feminine in nature. I didn't had any sister, I was raised among boys, all elder brothers. I was moderate, not tomboyish. I played with dolls and played mechanical toys with them as well. Played hopscotch and cricket as well:)

      We teach our children great moral values and how to respect elders and your peers too and that has been hundreds of years of values. We take the technical advancements of west yet are rooted into our morals too.

      I hope you will not take it wrongly, either. We both have our own views:)


  18. Preeti, You seem very busy having to clean the house and cook breakfast and proofread your father's book. It's taking time away from your cross stitch and crochet! :-( Maybe you can give your daughter directions so she can cook the breakfast! How funny that you washed all her dolls and doll clothes. What a loving mother you are!


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