Wednesday 1 May 2013

Just Something on Wednesday! Plans, plans, and plans!!!!

Hi ya !! I planned to post something this Monday but it did not work . After all…....

Source : Cross Stitch free pattern @ Posy Collection

I am now working on ummm..….plan K !!  ; )

Thanks to all my friends for patiently reading my last post and thank you for reading my article too !! : )

Things that made me happy :

1. I did not feel sad even if I was not able to complete my project this Monday . Not feeling sad made me happy  : )

2. Controlled my urge for buying new yarn . I assessed that I have enough right now ! Although that didn ’ t deter me from surfing for good deals : )

I hope to give you a good news very soon !  Naa , no new babies here and there is a long wait to become a grandma  : ) It ’ s about the same...…posting my finished project .

Enjoy !!
Preeti  : )


  1. sorry, I missed your last post!!! I'm going to read it right now!!! ;oD
    curiosly waiting for the new post....!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  2. Love your post !
    Have a nice day !

  3. Nice thought, Preeti... then we can plan more and more! I also try not to get sad when not finishing another project. Well..though couldn't resist buying new yarn - will show it in my blog soon.
    Looking forward to see your new project! (so no babies this time;)?)
    Have a nice day!

  4. Thank goodness for all those letters, LOL!

  5. Preeti I love your posts because of the way you are drafting it.
    Thanks for the comment on my blue doily. Did u get my reply.
    I am not getting my comment notifications in my email after fixing the noreply blogger problem. what can I do? Any idea?

  6. Can't wait to read about your good news. Controlling urges when we have enough yarn is very, very good! Kudos:)

  7. I'd say controlling the urge to buy new yarn is hard. I've been there before!
    Looking forward to seeing your finished project!

  8. Lets see what your plan K is! ;)

  9. Your post just made me smile :))

  10. That is so cute....nice post.Wishing you a marvelous week.thanks for visiting and leaving a warm comment.always welcome. :0)


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