Wednesday 15 May 2013

A Squiggly Wiggly Fun !!!!!!! :)

Hi !!!!! Hope you had a good night’s sleep or wish you a one depending on what part of the world you are :) Just for a  change wrote this line, got bored writing ......”Hope you had a nice weekend or doing well” :)

I am happy to share another lovely project with you . A wiggles cushion !!! It was on my todo list items when Anshita said she wanted one . There are many ways of crocheting wiggles , covering full or partial area of work . I assessed many patterns and finally chose the beautiful yet easy one designed by none other than my dear friend , Debi ! :) She designed wiggles square for SIBOL . It is a lovely square and fun to make . She wrote the instructions here which are very clear and easy to follow . Thank you for this cute pattern, Debi !! :)

 Crochet wiggles square cushion 1

I repeated the steps in the basic design and extended it to make a small cushion size square measuring 12 x 12 inches .

Crochet wiggles square cushion 2

This is the square before adding a fabric on the back side .  I have used purse thread which is silky and shiny and has a bit of firmness so that the wiggles can stand upright . I crocheted the base square with 3.5 mm hook and the wiggles with 4.5 mm hook .  For the border it is a line of HDCs with multicolored thread .

Crochet wiggles square cushion 3

Crochet wiggles square cushion 4

I took pictures yesterday night in Anshita’s room . Her room is old fashioned now ; I designed it 10 years back from a toddler’s perspective .

Anshita , shooing me away from her bedroom :) She found this hand puppet when I took some small soft toys from her stock as props for pictures . Kids never know how many toys they have and it is a big surprise to them when they find an old forgotten one !!

Crochet wiggles square cushion 5

On mother ’s day , Anshita made this beautiful card with origami flowers and an origami ring box :) When the flower blooms (of course, it has to be manually opened :) , there pops out a tiny origami candle in the centre !! 

Origami ring box and flower

Origami ring box and ring

The ring box can be opened and there is an origami heart shaped ring for me :) Raj helped her fix a foam piece inside the box . In all, it was a happy mother ’s day !:) I wasn't expected to cook either :)

Few more photos of my cute cushion .

 Crochet wiggles square cushion 6

Crochet wiggles square cushion 7

Isn’t it cute and lovely? Do write me .  I feel happy to read your sweet comments :)

Have a wonderful crafty week !!

Preeti  :)


  1. So pretty..and Mother's Day card is so lovely too..

  2. cushion looks beautiful Preeti..and good to see Anshita's mother's day surprises for you. very thoughtfull of her.

  3. Oh, I love it Preeti. Your wiggles pillow came out so pretty with the blue and yellow. And I love the card with origami that Anshita made for you - she's very talented with her crafty stuff too. Just like her Mamma. :)

  4. Your cushion is lovely! And the little ring box with the origami heart ring is so sweet!!!

  5. What a lovely cushion!
    You've got realy nice gifts from your doughter on mothersday, so sweet of her that she made all that especialy for you!

  6. Love your cushion, Preeti...job well done! Also love the card and origami that Anshita made you for Mother's Day. She is so talented, just like her mommy! :)

  7. So lovely card, your daughter is very creative like her mum :)
    Love your new pillow too!

  8. What a cute pillow. The pics of your adorable daughter are great. She is so talented. You are my lucky momma.


  9. you are right : this is cute!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  10. The pillow is really cute!.

  11. Very pretty cushion it is Preeti! But to be honest, i liked the card your girl made more ;) unique and talented she is, my love to her:)) Hope you had a great day!

  12. Please accept the award at
    :) :) Evu-

  13. What a great gift from your daughter, Preeti! She is also a crafty one girl, just like you!:)
    The cushion is...great and lovely and I like the wiggles. Also that rainbow yarn edging was a very good addition to the overall design: )

  14. Lovely ! The pillow ( lovely colors you choose ) and your daughter, she's pretty !
    Have a nice day !

  15. The sweetest of Mother's Day gifts ever! She is so cute. Lovely pillow!

  16. What an adorable cushion! I love both the colors and design. And what a beautiful and caring girl you have!

  17. I love everything about that pillow ... the fun design and the awesome color scheme!

  18. The wiggly cushion is lovely. I wanted to try the pattern some time back but never did. Just not enough time for all I'd like to do. Your mom's day gifts are very sweet. My boys don't ever think to do anything. Have a great weekend. Tammy

  19. Really lovely - great job!!!

  20. Hello Darling.
    Thanks for your visit im my blog,
    cushion Beautiful.

  21. The pillow is beautiful. I love Debi and her blog. Good choice. :-)

  22. Cute pillow for a girl's room! Why are they called wiggles? Because of their zig zag movement, I guess.
    My son gave me his toy car(after much insistence) on mother's day and then demanded it back after some time. :( May be he will understand after few years.
    Anshita does everything to keep her mum happy! So very thoughtful of her. Good job, baby! :)

  23. Lovely cushion Preeti. The card made by Anshita for u is lovely. So thoughtful of her. I think as a mother what more can u ask for ..

    Have a nice day


  24. Pretty cushion! I love that stitch!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  25. so cute ! lovely work for girl s !
    have a nice day

  26. Very beautiful and the combination of colours is perfect!!Kisses!!!

  27. Beautiful cushion preeti. I am getting your replies in my inbox. I have been to my mom's place for vacation. That's why not able to reply your mails. thanks for following me. Do give me your support.

  28. thanks for the comment on my crocheted bag. It is wool.

  29. looks awesome ! love your daughter's cute card too :)


  30. Nice Wiggly Cushion. I wanted to try Wiggles for quite sometime.
    Will try & post soon.

    Great work :-)

  31. Your Wiggly Cushion looks really good, I am sure you have enjoyed making it.

  32. Wow, great job. Is marvelous your cushion. Congratulations. Kisses.

  33. wow thats a gorgeous cover the colors
    amazing origami by your little one..must be one happy happy mothers day for you :)

  34. LINDA almofadinha, amei!
    As cores combinaram. :-)


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