Friday 22 May 2015

Bits and pieces from here and there :)

Thank you for your sweet comments on my last interior design show !! :) So far I haven't replied to any of you and I guess you need to overlook my erratic reply system again  :(

I was just comparing my life how it was few years back when I worked full time with that as of now .

It was like this ......

After leaving the job, it slowly turned to this....

But again, after adding blogging, crocheting and stitching into my life , it slowly started to return to 'busy'as it was  in the first image .

Now I am trying to strike a balance between these two :) How is your life ?

Last week, we cleaned and destashed the entire home and look what I got to show you - these two crochet jackets that I made 15 years back when I was in college :) I knew only basic stitches at that time and created wearable on my own .

 Little did I know that this is called as tapestry crochet. Although I may not have done it exactly the way it should be done but the fact that tapestry is not new to me is enough consoling .

I never stashed during those days and would buy things as and when needed . I would be thrilled to find matching lovely buttons . No amount of stash gives me that kind of excitement today .

I did some specialty cooking which wasn't 100 % success in terms of presentation but ok to enjoy the taste.
Panipuri or Golgappa . Crisp balls are poked, stuffed with mashed spicy potatoes,onions and then pour the green water (sweet & sour & spicy) and then gobble it up. I made everything at home . Anshita said she would be happy to have it every weekend :)

Vegetable baked puffs. This is the first time I made these and I almost burnt them . Raj and Anshita said it tasted good but make only once a year :))) 

On reading front, with my goal setting of 2 books per month ,  I have so far read 8 books. I got few more books last month and I am reading these two right now.

I think I should include crafting books in my count as well. So I started by adding a gardening book to my list . This is the only good book I could find which has gardening information based on Indian weather conditions . The book is written in 2007 but that still have when and how information which is great . Every Indian Cricket fan is proud of the legendary Sachin Tendulkar - World's top Cricketer. His autobiography is quite a big book and he has written everything about his life . It is a pleasure to read .

I also bought few more things
Small tin boxes with transparent lid covers for keeping my seed beads. I should have taken the pic with beads.

Some bobbins, a hammer foot and cording foot. I don't know how to use the cording foot . 

Transparent plastic cover with laces . These are lying flat but when filled they have 5 inches of depth. I got 8 of these kinds to keep my fabric and yarn stash segregated by type. I got all of these from ebay. These covers are known as Saree covers.

and these acrylic paints to paint a big picture for the living room . To be painted by three of us who are amateur artists and these colors are too many for us to use :)

Happy weekend to all of you !!



  1. Nice post. The comparison clock is good. I was longing for some days with the whatever clock, being busy with the family and some other family issues. Both the jackets are beautiful. I too made one before 12 years. The bead box and transparent covers are really nice so useful for a stitcher like you. I used to get the same comment from my DH when I cook bakery items except cake.

    1. Thank you, Shami!! I hope I will improve my culinary skills in baking.

  2. Preeti, panipuri looks so mouthwatering. Someday I will also try making the puris.
    I also started reading Sachin's autobiography in Feb, see my post here
    I also use saree covers to keep my me in not copying you ;)

    1. Thanks, Mini!! I saw your post. It is a lovely book to read. Saree covers make great storage bags and most important they are see through.

  3. A busy woman !!! With many project to do !!! Good for you !!!
    For the clocks, it depends...sometime is the first one, sometimes, the second one ;)
    Have a lovely and relax weekend !

  4. So many lovely things: colorful plastic cover, food and crocheting!
    I try to not stress with my crafting, it should take its time...

    1. Thank you !! I don't get stressed but I always end up with less time or may be I am planning more that cannot be accomplished in the given time.

  5. Ha, ha, ha, great hours :-)))
    Preeti, you're an action woman - so many different activities :-)))
    Crochet, embroidery, sewing, reading books, cooking, baking, cleaning, gardening interested in ......

  6. Lovely purchases and congrats on some great cooking results!

  7. I do like those clocks and I can relate haha, sometimes it's impossible to comment Preeti I have decided not to stress about it, it takes the fun out of blogging. I think your crochet jackets are great especially as you had just learnt to crochet, your cooking looks yummy and some great buys, have a great

  8. Those clocks made me smile! I am like the first one but wish I was like the second. I try to be more like the second clock when I'm stitching.
    Your cooking looks yummy, I am a terrible cook but I do like eating!

  9. I laughed at the clocks too! Why do the hands zoom round so fast when you are online? I swear I only look at blogs for ten minutes and an hour passes!

  10. Oh my goodness you tell my same sotry exactly. ahah. ANd now I go to work again after over a year off...and I will ry to do it all. ;-)

    Unstashing the house can be so gratifying; you sure found a lot of fund things.

    Oh and the house tour - just absolutely lovely. Nice colors and all so neat and clean!

  11. The jackets are lovely and yummy cooking!Plan to start a food blog?

    1. Thanks!:) I cannot manage even one blog. Also I am not so systematic cook. All you see is the end product :)

  12. You have so much plans with all your new stash!!
    Awesome!! that you keep the jackets. you done them so beautifull. treasure them!!
    have fun craftng!!

  13. Love those Saree covers! And by the looks of what you created years ago, you've always been very creative! :)

  14. A lot of fun stuff for crafting there. Should keep you pretty busy! I love the crocheted pieces. So nice to have those still around.

  15. Oo the pain puri looks so inviting. Love it and miss it so much too. I think I only have to make it. The coats are very beautiful! You are so talented Preeti

  16. LOVE your crocheted jackets! Beautiful!
    Well done on finding a good beads container.
    Food looks delicious, Well done!
    Great update!

  17. Love the clocks. Sometimes I feel like the top one and other times I feel like the bottom one. I have so much to do and no push to do anything haha. Yum the food looks delicious. I would love to get back into reading but I always find other things to do including stitching.

  18. Preeti, i just loved the jackets that you made years ago...

  19. Beautiful jackets! Nice patterns & colors and crocheted so neatly, great job :-). Happy weekend!!

  20. I love your clocks :) I find it hard to keep my life less full of now commitments because there are so many activities I want to try. I will never be bored! xx


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