Monday 11 May 2015

Home Sweet Home - Part 3 :))

In continuation with the series of posts on my interior designing , I will show the bedroom and kitchen in this post . You can view previous posts here and here .

The Bedroom :    Brown, coffee and white .

These are sliding doors with printed laminates used on plywood. I cannot open and show it to you. I have kept the old TV in the centre cupboard . If I want to watch, I just need to slide the mirror door . I used sliding doors to save the door opening space but unfortunately I cannot use back of the door to hang my purses as I used to do in the previous house . There is another balcony that opens from the bedroom but that's not well maintained yet ....lot of stuff is dumped there which I am not sure when will I sort out . 

The Master bed is store bought but the sleek night stand on my side and a computer table on his side of the bed are custom made matching with the cupboard . I still need to decorate more but may keep it less cluttered . 

There is a bay window on my side . I try to keep my bedroom clean as it looks here .
My mother strongly disagrees :)
The other two people , out of fear and trepidation , choose not to comment :)

The Kitchen :    Purple , cream and grey . 

This is the left side of the kitchen platform . We got shutter and hydraulic shelves and push to open and every other kitchen trolley types that I could see in the stores and model apartments . It was difficult to procure some individual items like shutter because usually they do the entire modular kitchen .

This is the left corner which is inaccessible to me so I got it made as a display corner with glass shelves and glass doors . Getting these glass doors fit in an L-shape corner was a bit difficult . Please ignore the dangling wires they are from a water purifier inside the top cupboard . We have not yet decided how to adjust those. I still need to hang the crochet lace I made and posted about it here . I will hang it beneath the L shape display corner but I haven't got enough matching hooks yet .

This is the front kitchen platform . Usually this side of the platform gets cleaned twice a day as I cook here but the left side I showed you gets cluttered as I keep on stacking things there .

This is a designer chimney . I loved it when I saw . I did not want the traditional rectangular one as I always felt I might bang my head on it while cooking :)
This is the opposite of the front platform . The top is fully covered with loft .This time I got built-in Microwave and Oven . Earlier I had a counter top oven . All the three - Chimney, oven and microwave are of same company ,  KAFF . They are good . I haven't made cake yet, but I have baked biscuits and pizzas . 
The glass cupboard in the centre was meant for keeping decorative things and recipe books but I ended up keeping some daily use crockery . I have plans to shuffle things again .The work table is just a pull out (you can see , it was just a sleek line in the previous picture ) where I sort vegetables and do other miscellaneous tasks like when taking out something from oven, I can easily keep the dish on it as it is nearest . 

This is the old refrigerator which coincidentally matched with ovens and the wooden laminates . This is not a built-in one , therefore , not advisable to fix in a cabinet . So an ample amount of space is left on all the sides for the generated heat . 

While the top space was fine , the front two sides were closed with 3 inches wide flaps . This is good when I want to clean the space around it .

The kitchen towel dispensers which I found on internet were either not of good quality or were a combo of  foil and cling film dispenser which did not fit on any wall space of kitchen . So I  used  the leftover curtain rod and with the fittings, it made a convenient low-cost (almost no cost) holder :) 

All of these laminates, in the bedroom and kitchen, are textured. They are a bit difficult to clean but I have seen that glossy ones loose their gloss after few years even though they are easy to clean . I get lot of sunlight in the kitchen and it was difficult to take pics but since it wasn't glossy so that was fine .

Next post in this series would be the last and heavenly place  - 'The craft room' :) It is small , but I am sure you will like . So wait and watch my space here .

I am about to start a big and important assignment from tomorrow . Raj has done his part , now its my part to be done . If everything goes fine , it will be done in a week's time . Wish me luck :)

Thank you for seeing !!
Have a great week ahead!!
Preeti :)


  1. You have a beautiful home! I am impressed.:)

  2. Preeti you have got a beautiful house. The chimney is looking cute. I always hit my head while cooking in both the chimney and the shelves. You are not only a good crafter but also a good interior decorator. Waiting to see your craft room.

  3. Beautiful choices on design. When can you come and fix up my house? :) I especially love the purples in the kitchen.

  4. You are such a clever designer with so much attention to detail. Love the the purple! I could use someone with your talents!

  5. Very much admire your use of space. Well done!

  6. Your home is beautiful Preeti. I LOVE the purple kitchen.


  7. Pretti, you are a very good designer of !!!
    Your suggestions are aligned, beautifully colored ..... everything is clean !!!
    You have a beautiful apartment!
    I look forward to craft room! I do not have it, I only have a small nook in the kitchen :-(

  8. Ow my your house is so awesome, and so big!!
    I love your CHimney! I always really always hit my head.. Need to think about this when we ever get a new kitchen!!

    Really can't wait to see yor craft room. As your whole house is big, I think that one is also bigger then yu think..hihi

    Good luck with your assignment!!

  9. Beautiful house! Waiting eagerly to see your craft room!

  10. What lovely rooms, I can't wait to see your craft room

  11. Oh I love the colors!!! Gorgeous indeed.

  12. You must be very proud of your lovely home. Your bed spread is just lovely with so many pretty colors. I have so enjoyed seeing your home.

  13. Gosh, you have so much space in your flat, mine is really tiny and not so tidy.

  14. Preeti: How lovely, you did a wonderful job, love the paper towel idea, thank-you for sharing.


  15. Your home is lovely-I love the touches you've added to make it unique xx Thank you for sharing.

    Good luck with your project!

  16. I think this is the first purple kitchen I've ever seen! Definitely the first purple fridge haha. For an apartment you have a lot of light coming in! I do not have much choice in color since we are renting but I got lucky that ours is a happy sunny yellow. :D

    Our bedroom is often cluttered too. I tend to be naughty and dump clothes on the dresser to sort... at some other time. :b They are particularly messy now because I am switching from winter to summer clothes.

  17. Wow Preeti, You have great skill, patience and attention to detail.
    I love how you have arranged/planned every room of your house to your taste and custom made without compromise.
    I so loved your previous Home Sweet Home posts and even shared them with my friend ( the bay window idea) who is doing her interiors by herself.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the bedroom and kitchen posts. With all due credit to your hardwork and planning, the house looks very neat. It looks like the model houses and not a spot of mess. You are great .

  18. Your home is so beautifully done Preeti

  19. Preeti, so nice to take a tour around your have done it nicely


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