Monday 4 January 2016

Ravelry Crochet Exchange !! :)

Happy new year !! :)

No, this is not my first finish of 2016. We had a Secret Santa exchange on the Ravelry group 'Crafty Dozen' from India . I am not so active on Ravelry and all the more scared when it comes to exchange deadlines but I wanted to participate in a crochet exchange so I decided to dive in .

The moderators defined the rules including the approx cost of gifts (excluding handmade and postal charges). It is good to have that way so that there are no worries that we have fallen short of satisfying partners . But if exchanges are across the countries then it is difficult to do so . There were total 26 participants .

This is what I sent to Bhavani, she used to blog earlier but is not active now.

Crochet sling bag

This is the back side. I used Laura knitting cotton and 4 mm hook. 

fabric pincushion

 I also made this fabric pincushion, my very first, as another handmade. I made my first needle book and gave it in cross stitch exchange and now my first pincushion too. Both the times, I was tempted to keep those for myself but I was equally glad to give to a fellow crafter:) I don't have a needlebook or pincushion. This also reminds me that I mentioned about showing how-to steps for my needlebook.  Below are the goodies I sent to her .

1.paper yarn, A4 card sheets with jumbo prints, bling sticker, handmade diary
2. Assorted buttons, pegs, cute jumbo printed buttons and rose shaped beads.

Anchor knitting cotton balls and Turkish Nako Saten yarn. 

I tried to cover all she liked and the colors she loved . I was glad she liked everything very much :)

And this is what I got from Shruti . She is active on Ravelry . I was so elated to receive the mega package and especially the handmade:)

Zipper pouch for Anshita

1. Pony crochet hooks set, individual hooks, Circular needles, T-pins and ladybug buttons
2. Quilling strips, floral printed binder clips, sticker lace- for me and Anshita both

1. A long heart printed fabric table runner.
2. Pure wool, Pure silk thread (dark blue), Rayon and cotton thread for crochet.

And.....This is the huge handmade gift that I got....Mini rings of change :))

Love the color spread at the center, stunning!!!:))

I have picked one of my cross stitch projects after many days . I hope to show some progress in few days/weeks time :)

Have a crafty week and year ahead!!


  1. Good to see the much awaited exchange pieces. You made a lovely bag and pin cushion. Even though its your first pin cushion,it turned out perfect. Lovely extras too.
    Wow Shruti spoiled you with that lovely doily .
    I'm thinking of buying Nako yarn for my crochet experiments. let me know what you think of that.

  2. Wow everything is just so your bag and sweet pin cushion ..
    The doily is super cute
    Big hugs x

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous gifts both given and received! I love seeing good exchanges.

  4. Beautiful exchange gifts! Happy new year!

  5. Love the bag...great colors, you too a creative year but above all, good health, byebye

  6. Lovely gifts! Love your bag and pincushion.

  7. What a great exchange Preeti your bag and pincushion are lovely but so are the things you got in return, mini rings wow. :) xx

  8. What beautiful exchange gifts!

  9. What a fun exchange. Lots of great goodies to both sides.

  10. Lovely exchange gifts Preeti. I've never been brave enough to do an exchange.


  11. What lovely things back and forth!! I love that she made a bag for Anshita.

  12. Thanks for sharing photos of your gift exchange, Preeti. I love seeing lovely handmade items and the interesting assortment of notions that folks give each other. I did a snowflake exchange several years ago and felt nervous about meeting my deadline and being able to crochet a snowflake, but I ended up making both and really enjoying the wonderful things my partner sent me. I am still using them, and still have more things they gave me to use :) I think it is a good idea to set guidelines for exchanges, too, for the same reasons you listed. I hope you have a happy creative 2016 as well! xx

  13. Wow! You have been doing some very lovely things!

  14. What beautiful exchanges gifts...they are all stunning!

  15. What beautiful exchanges gifts...they are all stunning!

  16. Happy New Year Pretti: Lovely exchanges, what a beautiful bag you made, such pretty colors, the pin cushions is adorable.


  17. You got beautiful things, you were a nice santa too.

  18. Hi Preeti, Happy New Year
    Your bag is really nice and the pin cushion is so neat. I have tons of Laura (from Pradhan) maybe I should make such bags and finish my stash. The gifts you received are so wonderful esp the Rings of change which has been on my to-do list for sometime now.
    Wishing you a fantastic year ahead filled with happiness, health and tons of crafty goodness :)

  19. Lovely gift exchange, love the colors and the fabric choice. The Rings also look awesome:)

  20. Stumbled upon your blog! Your blog is super cute! I think it is cool how involved with ravlry you are! Someday I want to get more hands on with all that! The projects posted above in your entry are pretty impressive great job and how fun to be able to swap your stuff! ^_^

  21. O que nos faz amigos é essa capacidade de sermos muitos, mesmo quando somos dois.
    Pe. Fábio de Melo
    Obrigada querida por compartilhar comigo 3 anos do Algodão Tão Doce!!!
    Um doce abraço, Marie.

  22. Beautiful work both given and received, how exciting and interesting swap. Happy New Year

  23. Great exchange! I didn't know there were exchanges on Raverly too :)
    Happy 2016 to you!!! :D

  24. Such pretty works, Preeti! I really love the pincushion you made :)

    Hope 2016 brings you much love, luck, happiness, and lots of time to be creative!!

  25. What a lovely exchange Preeti! I love the fabric you used for you pincushion

  26. wow..thats a fabulous start for new year...your bag looks lovely

  27. You gave each other such lovely things. Happy 2016.

  28. Your exchange is so exciting! Your pieces are beautiful and the items you received are lovely too. Sending wishes for a most happy new year!

  29. You have given and been given some lovely goodies there. I always like your posts because you work with such bright colours. :)

  30. You have given and been given some lovely goodies there. I always like your posts because you work with such bright colours. :)

  31. Wow love all the goodies! The pincushion is very cute!

  32. Preeti... seeing all the beautiful things you've created, I feel such an urge to do my crafts again! No more excuses, thanks for inspiring!I would love to meet you some day :) Come over to Chandigarh!:))


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