Wednesday 9 March 2016

Recycle Rush !! :D

There isn't any 'Gold Rush' happening and as an avid crazy crafter I will always prefer a 'Recycle Rush' turning 'just unwanted things' into 'beautiful unwanted things' :D

Well, I woke up to a hard realization that my home isn't going to get any cleaner or clutter free just by pinning homemaking tips on Pinterest . That's what I (we, considering he did his part) was doing last two weeks - clothes and kitchen . I gave away items in good condition and now I know what's there in the loft too . I no longer throw 'don't know' looks at Raj when I ask him to pull something from the loft. Always, the entire content of loft is brought down whenever I need one small thing which I strongly anticipate that it is hiding in one of the corners of the loft . Sadly, that doesn't happen and we have three such big lofts .

I had plans to recycle these boxes of multi-flavored cheese wedges into something crafty as they are good to make decorative button shape boxes . Anshita likes flavored cheese wedges and we usually get very often for her snacks . But I kept only two to recycle .

I have tried to take good pictures as they do in many DIY sites to make the easy-peasy craft look exotic ;)

Recycled boxes button shape

Box before

Painted as a large button and added a lace on the edge .

My first quilling attempt , I deliberately let it roll in any direction inside not following the quilling concepts.

I also made good progress on my height chart : completed flower, monkey face and started the giraffe on the top .

I have been collecting many items for recycling purpose and I think it is time to declutter that as well.

Thank you for your comments on my last post, I will be closing the Messy to Classy link party tab . I need to update my cross stitch finishes on the blog . So far , I have been updating on the right side bar for easy access to someone who is new to my blog but now I am thinking to add tab for finishes, both crochet and cross stitch . However, in mobile version both the tabs and sidebar aren't visible . How do you prefer to display?

Anshita's annual exams will be over this Friday and then I will have a leisure weekend to design and write some crochet patterns for my website . I haven't done much after I first released it .

Have a crafty day !
Preeti :)


  1. Well done on recycling the boxes. they turned out amazing. I am a big supporter of recycling and always looking for ideas.
    good progress on height chart.I usually like tabs for various categories and i can see them on my iphone.

  2. Those boxes you've created are adorable Preeti! I especially love the button one with the lace :) youngest loves cheese wedges too.....I think I may have to think about recylce too!

  3. I love the cheese box upcycle!

  4. Super idea and result !!!!
    Have a fun day !

  5. Your cheese boxes turned out well


  6. Amazing what you can do with cheese triangle boxes :)
    Great progress on your colourful stitching. What a lovely design!

  7. Nice recycling of the cheese boxes and great progress on the height chart too. I need to take your words to heart and de-clutter as well.

  8. A lovely job of recycling. You've been busy!

  9. Pretty boxes and stitching Preeti.


  10. Oh I love what you did to the boxes. Too cute!! Great progress on your stitched piece.

  11. Lovely boxes, Preeti! Great recycling! Your embroidery is getting so cute!
    Hope you are having a lovely week!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  12. Your first quilling attempt is a great success - love your recycle box 😎✌🏼️ WIP looks so very cute too!!!!

  13. I love your recycling projekt. Greta progress on the Hugh chart too!

  14. Preeti, my love, you're smart about recycling! You have a great idea!
    Your embroidery goes nicely critters are cute!
    I keep my fingers Anshita tests on Friday !!!

  15. That growth chart is so cute! As we clean, we are trying to declutter too. We are both savers so it is not easy.

  16. What a great idea for the boxes! I love your quilling box - it's gorgeous :o)
    Hugs xx

  17. Preeti: I like the boxes you recycled they are a wonderful idea, your quilling is wonderful, I have tried it not good for me, I can never get anything to look good and they always unravel.
    The growth chart is so sweet, I look forward to seeing the finish.


  18. Your circular boxes are lovely. I am a terrible hoarder, every little thing is put aside "for crafting".
    Nice work on the height chart too.
    I have a simple list down the side of my blog for the current year's finishes and then a tab to my separate Happy Dance blog at the top.

  19. The recycled boxes looks so pretty! have a lovely weekend:)

  20. Hi Preeti! I always like seeing your new crafty projects. Quilling was in my to try list for a long time... did you buy special quilling paper or cut stripes yourself?

    The boxes from GO cheese.. so clever :) They look pretty!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  21. What a great idea to use the old cheese boxes in your crafting, Preeti! Your ideas turned out great! I think I have an old box in my refrigerator right now--need to finish up the cheese and turn it into something fun :)

  22. Haha! I am going through somewhat the same idea and have adopted the motto: "The only way to get something done is to do it!" My ravelry library is getting a close scrutiny to see what I can actually do. Luckily (??) I have not fallen into the Pintrest trap or I would really be doomed. :D I love the way your cheese boxes have turned out, especially the quilled one. What sort of bits and bobs will go in them now that they're complete?

    I am contemplating your question. I use the "pages" set up on my blog. I made the custom link image that shows up on the top of the blog in desktop mode, but it does not appear on mobile. I enabled the pages gadget on the very bottom of my page so that it will appear in both mobile/desktop versions. It is somewhat weird but it works for me... though it is perhaps not very noticeable to visitors.

  23. The box is pretty.I used to collect things to recycle but now, I throw away everything.The house is tidier and my mind is free.

  24. Oh! well done! Such a pretty job with your recycled boxes :D
    Love that height chart, those animals are so cute!! =)
    happy Sunday to you and your family!! :)

  25. "Ontem foi embora.Amanhã ainda não veio. Temos somente hoje, comecemos!!!Qualquer ato
    de amor, por menor que seja, é um trabalho pela paz" (Madre Teresa de Calcutá)
    Fico sempre feliz com sua doce presença lá no meu cantinho! Obrigada!

    Um grande abraço querida, Marie.

  26. Good idea for recycling the boxes. The quilling looks very pretty and effective. :)

  27. Super pretty! The button is a really sweet idea, and the quilling one so nicely colorful. Have a great week! Nata xxx

  28. What a bright idea turning those boxes into pretty pieces, the colors are so nice:)

  29. I love the boxes, they are awesome!!!
    Really great!!
    Your stitching piece is looking great
    Can't wait to read your other posts I have in my bloglovin...

  30. Excellent site I have bookmarked your site..


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